Get ready, tomorrow is DTUBE COIN SALE ROUND #1!

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Get ready, tomorrow is DTUBE COIN SALE ROUND #1!

Hold your breath until tomorrow!
On Friday, September 20th, at 6pm UTC the first ever DTube Coin (DTC) token sale round #1 will kick off!

A dedicated DTube Token Page to buy DTC

We have just released our dedicated page to explain everything about this token sale and links to buy DTC.

On this page, you will find everything about DTube, the DTube Coin, its economic principles and of course the token generation event.
Please visit

DTube Coin round #1 at a glance

  • Sale price: $0.10 per DTC (This will be the best rate along all DTC token sales)
  • Amount for sale: 1 Million DTC / worth $100,000 in total
  • Payment method: STEEM, BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC and USDT
  • Kick off: Sale starts on september 20th, 2019 at 18.00 UTC
  • More details: check the full article about the token sale here

When will I receive my DTCs?
Investors will buy the real DTC utility token, i.e: no need for an ERC-20 and no need to swap the token in the future.

We will start the DTube Chain Mainnet once the Round 1 is filled. Investors will be able to check their balance in their channel on the DTube interface by simply using as the Avalon API. However, no transactions will be possible on the mainnet for the duration of the IEO, however your funds will be in your account ready to go.

Once your payment confirms, you will receive an email acknowledging that your purchase went through. When your main-net account gets created, you will receive a second email.

When will I be able to use my DTCs?
We will conduct several more DTC rounds through an IEO event for the remaining 24 Million DTCs (25M in total for initial supply).

At the end of all sales, we will launch the Mainnet and the DTC economy out of the testing period.
By then you will be able to use the full functionality of your DTCs (expect it to be no later than the end of Q4 2019)

  • Check the DTC ecosystem full roadmap here

Create your DTube Account

In order to buy DTC, you need to have a DTube Testnet account.

Two options:

1. If you have a Steem account: Go to, click the "Claim account" popup and then follow the 3 steps carefully.

  • Read the full instructions here

2. If you don't have a Steem account: Just go to and follow the steps.

Sale starts at 18:00 UTC time

Please check below when the sale starts for your timezone:

Want to know more ?

Support and announcements

For support from the team and the community, please ask for help on our Discord channel, go to the About Page or comment this post.

  • If you have lost your private keys, please read this article.

Connect with our community and stay up to date with our latest news:

See you tomorrow!

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OK, see you guys tomorrow ;)

But! It would be nice to know if any exchange has listing the token in plans.

Thought about your last point too🤔.

In the nearest future, we'll definitely see many exchanges listing DTC.

The potential is great

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You can go into steempeak and add a countdown timer into the post then those users will just see a simple countdown clock.
In fact you should add the ability to do that with posts created by dtube... it's a decentralized format.

~Smartsteem Curation Team

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,kya investment hai ,fan ho gaya mai to.

steem blockchain par naye lagte ho ?

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Dtube account ✔
I'm ready!!

Will be buying some tomorrow.

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It's wired dlive is going on maintain to update servers and dtube coin coin sale starting something smells fishy

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Great news and an opportunity to invest smart in something tangible. And what a major public for videos and maybe movies or series in the future.

Very interesting, should keep my eyes open on it.


@dtube, Good luck team and hope that this event will going to be successful. Have a great time ahead.

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Already stying this platform @dtube
My user name @ahmanik47
Hope will see great things from you

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Got some Steem for this, so I will try and be in on this, not much but it's the first IEO for me ever.

I am ready to buy some

Wonderful 😀😀😀❤. Can't wait 🚏

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Good news!