Curation Rewards Shares Of May 2022 Are Payed

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It's Payday Today

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Curation Rewards Shares Of May 2022 Are Payed

9.521 STEEM to @syalla
0.577 STEEM to @meins0815
0.082 STEEM to @crimo

Thank you very much for all your delegations.

Delegators get 100% of their share, paid every month.

Why to delegate?

  1. To support the Free Steem Voting Service.
  2. When you don't vote regularly, you lose money.
  3. When you have few power, you lose dust. Your votes could earn nothing if the post doesn't reach the payout threshold.

How to delegate

Unfortunately, there is no more the Delegate entry in the drop-down menu to the right of your steem power balance in the Steemit wallet. A solution is to use Steemlogin links with your active key.

Delegate 5 SP | 10 SP | 20 SP | 50 SP | 100 SP | 200 SP | 500 SP

Steem On!

Don't hesitate to make use of the Free Steem Voting Service for yourself or to reward others.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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