17000 SP - How Did That Happen!

in steem •  3 years ago 

A little bit of OCD on my part to get exactly 17000 SP for the screenshot!

17000 SP.jpg

25 Months since I started with any activity on my account - I have accumulated 17,000 STEEM.

Or in other words approx 3.4 Dolphins.

As with most people this has accumulated from a variety of sources.

Recently this is simply accumulating from :

  • Being a Steem Power Holder (Inflationary Interest to SteemPower Holders)
  • Daily Curation Rewards
  • A very small amount of author rewards from limited number of comments and even fewer posts
  • Rewards from delegation

I think I accumulate 1 Steem in Steem Power every 16/17 hours - it will feel even more powerful if we ever get back to $7 Steem Price!

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That’s huge mate! Imagine a $7 price 😮
Nice to know this was earned and built bit by bit.

It must be nice to buy a huge wallop, but sometimes knowing it’s come from various sources from just a bit of work is even sweeter

The $7 price fantasy keeps me alive! The only fear of "buying in" - is whether you buy at the bottom- and I can safely say I am rubbish at guessing that. Thanks for commenting - my comments keep me alive also....hope you survived the storm this weekend.

Wheeelie bin down, WHEELIE BIN DOWN!

Yeah the the storm (luckily) hasn’t affected us at all. Bit Calderdale has had it worst in the country by the sounds of it.

I hope the only way is up and our investment turns in to something.
We can only hope (and try to promote)

Lol - wheelie bin down! I got away with a slightly leaky chimney this time but feel terrible for those in the valley bottom.

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Congrats!!!! I love round numbers as well, and power up the exact amount to get to a milestone!

I went one geeky bit further and powered up to 16999.999 and just watched it tick over with inflation - very satisfying!

Awesome stuff. May my upvote help you get closer to 18,000.

Much appreciated - it is guaranteed to help me get closer - because I'm pretty sure I ain't powering down and SP only goes one way! Thanks for commenting and have a great day...…..

Congratulations! I just have 1490 SP. I am about to cross 1500 SP. I can feel the joy you have experienced.

Enjoy the moment - I watched it tick over to 17kSP. I remember how difficult it was to become a minnow in my first few months - and not having access to the vote slider for months. You are nearly a "Triple Minnow"….enjoy your day.

Good stuff.

Hope you get a chance to start posting again.