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Did you know that as a Steem user you are eligible for free Byteball Bytes? All Steem accounts with a reputation of 30 or higher are eligible for free Byteball Bytes worth up to 160 USD based on your reputation:


Byteball Bytes are a cryptocurrency like Steem or SBD. You will get half of the Byteball Bytes now, the other half in one year from now. You can hold them or sell them for other (crypto)currencies, including Steem.

This is how you can claim your free Byteball Bytes:

1.) Download the Byteball wallet

Download the Byteball wallet using this link by clicking on the icon fitting your operating system:


2.) Install the wallet

Install the wallet like you would install any other program. Now open it. You can stick with the default options: Press Agree, Continue, Continue.

4.) Open the Steem Bot

Click on "Chat", "Bot Store", "Steem Attestation Bot" and "Add Bot".

5.) Submit your wallet address

Click the small icon at the bottom left and choose Insert my address (Small expenses wallet) and press the button with the "send" icon .

6.) Connect with Steemconnect

The bot now generates a link to Steemconnect. Click the link and sign in with your Steemit account.
If you have previously used Steemconnect, you can just click "continue", if not you will be prompted for your Steem username and key.

7.) Select "public" or "private"

Now you will get a message saying "Your steem username is..." from the bot. Click on either "private" or public". If you click "public", Byteball Bytes can be sent to you using your Steem username instead of your wallet address.

Thank you to the Byteballs team for fixing the referral system!

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I just discovered they need the Steem account to be registered last year July to get qualified for airdrops!

its July 12 2018 year not last year

Declassify EVERYTHING Mr. Bernie!!!!


I upvoted this because it gave me a laugh that other people actually upvoted it haha

same haha

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How come you're not qualified if you're higher rep than me with more activity?

edit. nvm I guess the 4 bucks made a big difference from this comment :)

First sophisticated "rep" begging on SteemIt. You deserve that :)

Thanks friends..!!!


How did you qualify ?

Interesting project

Contact me for 60000byte @criptokingko

There you go, rep 41 :)

Thanks friends thats really nice of you all..!!! Inspired with your sprite...!!! god bless you all...!!!

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Your Bolg Is grate bro Awsome info Thanks U
My reputation just 26% i am new User On Steemit so I am Best upvoted Comments thanks for supprts me @berniesanders

hy....bro i'm new on steemit....plz like ....

hello kindly help me sir

if my account is safe using this.??

Thanks for supprts me @kutrulaju

Thanks For Supprts me sir @berniesansers

thanks to me also

U welcome

You forgot to mention 'And, i am a fake girl id' :D


lol :P ... you blasted her ;)

no offence but that account is using very bad english too ...

@nageshwar0369 i am not a native speaker and neither are you so you cannot use english as a measure of anything.
I am sure there is a language she can use perfectly but that means most of us would not understand her. let whoever this is be because they used their brains to get reputation quicker than we all could

@haseez Your Picture ID isn't you either so you can't be calling other people out when you yourself have a fake one

hahaha so you mean i claimed i am a minion? you are funny :D


WELL ,Beauty girl deserve a upvote:)

Thanks u so muxh for supprts me @jinwzhang

Now you are qualified @rabiagilani with reputation 38.
Enjoy the Airdrop.

Thanks For Supprts Me Sir @mianadnan3218

@Rabiagilani you are so lucky that you got upvoted from Reputation 26 to 38 in just one day.
I have always wished to have friends like @Berniesanders but it is not that easy to find them.
So for many months i have struggled to build my reputation up and hopefully one day i will.

for 8 months i have never earned anything close to 4$ and never had @berniesanders notice my comment so i comment on yours to attract his attention lol. @Berniesanders show me mercy like you did to this girl and make me a 50 rep account. its my only dream on steemit because i cannot afford to buy more SP power at this time

You do not worry I hope so much Upload a nice blog to you You go to every blog You fill 500 people daily fowing
What do the maximum blog accounts? You'll be able to see the steemit @rhinoboy11 I'm very fortunate one day

Thanks For Supprts

@rabiagilani follow me back. You are very fortunate too now. from 0 comments to 30 a day now.

Very lucky for you.

Many get rep 60 from 1 post haha just call the bots!!

wait! @clausewitz You are 58 so you must know what you are talking about. If you have any information id really appreciate

Well you get rep from votes, so just buy them.

Some users just invest 300-400 STEEM to buy votes for a post, and it will get 1000 $ reward and your rep goes up right away! It´s strange that you can buy the rep so easily.

Thanks for Grate Good info @calusewitz

After a long time i again started working on this platform :D


Thanks For Supprts me

hola @berniesanders hola amigo me da un error al descargarla con windows que puedo hacer

Thanks for supprts me @valeria22

  ·  4 years ago Reveal Comment

thanks , i am not qualifed..

You are now good sir!

sir can you help me how i installed already its me @cynthyel24 only new here



@berniesanders you're so amazing, look at the amount of people you helped to get qualified today 😊




I am so close to 50 rep its not funny
Guess I have to settle for the $20.

Might have to do a couple of random posts to push me over the 50 mark

Thanks for the upvotes guys, but not quite enough :(

Here are my "random" posts FYI:

Also check out my other blog posts:

Not qualifed ... :(

pls upvote to uplift my mood. :)

now you have send wallet adres

? i don't have it download wallet from here and then send me your adress i send you 600 000 bytes to registration

wrong adress


My address is


i believe they made it clear not to post your address here ...


I m new to steemit plz upvote me get 30+ reputation

send me your adress wallet i sed to you 600 000 bytes to registration


MY address:

thnx every one who supported me :-)@berniesanders @ngc @thecyclist @engagement

This is all Berniesanders so thank him.

Thnx alot @berniesanders

I'm so close to qualifying for the 40 reputation one.
How long will you be doing this exactly? I noticed you said "a long time" somewhere down in the comments, but how long is that? And how long do you think it would take to get to 40 reputation?

I'm still new to steemit and steem and all that, so I was just trying to figure out how the reputation system works but I'm still completely lost on it. :P

Thanks in advance! :)


You're amazing. :)
I really appreciate that! You have no idea!
Also, the upvote steem/sbd will help me to try and get my first steemmonsters starter pack and booster packs. (Not only because I love TCG and online gaming, but because supposedly the cards will appreciate and I'll have a chance to get some awesome collectibles in the early stages!) I see that you're a big supporter of that as well and I'm definitely interested in it, but I'm not the type who's really got a lot of extra money to spend after bills and all, so this will help a ton! Obviously I'm here because of the free byteball as well... So thank you for offering up a way to get a little bit of them! I'll take anything I can get that will help me out!

Again, thank you so much, you have no idea how much this means to me! :)


airdop is good way in get to free token

Hold it for 10 years and it may be the second bitcoin

Someone give me a push to get 30 rep .... curently I'm on 29 :)

Ok ... thanks everyone :)

I don't suppose I could get help to get to rep 40?
Since the byte giveaway is a one time thing.
Appreciate any help.

Great post. I will definitely check this out.

My reputation is 40+ and i got only $5, what should i do now.
Kindly help me out

We have upvoted your post with 100% vote weight for $0.32. We will continue upvoting in rounds until we recover all your loss in long term. Thank you for participating with @betgames, visit us to win more upvotes and SBD!


That's not the only flaw. In the first few days, people were able to game the system by creating new accounts.

Bots kept on stealing ref rewards, the wallet stopped working properly, virus detection by anti virus software prevented some from using it etc. It's a total mess.

Thanks for informing this good news!

So close to 40.

what the heack is a bite ball????????

steemit is such a scam lol

No, it's not and you know it. Especially with those self-upvotes on each comment you write. Byteball. Free money. Just like you're giving yourself with those upvotes. Simple as that.

this comment will undoubtedly be lost among the many comments here. if you are reading it, you are a brave and majestic soul

@berniesanders My reputation is 25 only . How I can participate on this please suggest for this airdrop

Just level up your reputation first, there are no expires and you can join later

You have reached reputation 30. Have fun.

My reputation just 27% i am new User here so Please support me.

I gave you several upvotes on your content and a follow.
This one is particularly great.

Hope that helps.

i am glad you like this,thanks

You'll reach 30 shortly. Have fun!

yes i will my long term goal is to reach 70 ! thanks

Hell yeah im in on this

airdrop received ...

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

i am not eligible for this airdrop . feeling sad😧

You are eligible now enjoy the airdrop :)

thanks sir.

I'm still new here so i can not join :(

You can join now since you are now 30 :)

  ·  4 years ago (edited)

How about you guys help me reach rep 50? Then I'll have ten more bucks to feed my cat

Here's a vote to help your pussy

Thanks 😁

How long are you going to be doing the giveaway for?

A long time.


@berniesanders I sent you my address on Discord, and I've got my free ByteBall, thank you very much for this!!!

I m new to steemit plz upvote me get 30+ reputation

Sadly, I'm not qualified. Someone should please help.

your reputation is 38 you can participate in the airdrop


I am at 56 ... Could you make it 60 ?

and cool way for mass adoption ...@byteball

ahh finally ..


Nice man ... Will do it as the first thing in the morning ....

Feel the Bernnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.....

These spirit cooking freaks would be running the show if Bernie didn’t step up.

The bot issues should be resolved now did my accreditation earlier today 16/07/18 (self upvoted for visibility)

Waiting until I can get the last 2 rep for 50 :/

Got mine baby!!!!!!!!