To all who are asking about BeemEngine

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The engine is an automated promoter, boosting subscribers posts.

Each 2.4 hours a promotion round happens, Beemengine crawls the blockchain for all its subscribers newly submited posts, and fully distribute its 100% voting power fairly among each users / posts.

In addition, all subscribed curators (authorizers) will delegate their votes as well to the round votings.

The curators will get curation rewards and the subscribers will get more promotions from the community.

Once you subscribe, keep in mind to post daily and get benefits from the engine, empower your profile and increase your reputation with good content.


Made For You,, But Also By You!

Happy Posting!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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thanks a lot for your support !!!
When I am fascinated by something, I like to play with it.
* Tanith Lee*

(if you dont want these or consider it spam then please leave a reply to this comment instead of downvoting and i will follow up)
unless stated otherwise, you receive these because you voted on a @goldmanmorgan post


Hi! Recently I subscribe and delegate to you via On Hive option because steemconnect is now hivesigner. I don't use Hive only Steem by now. Is indifferent that I authorize you by hivesigner to use your engine for my Steemit account and get Steems?

Hello aitore thanks for notifying us, please try again, refresh the DASHBOARD, STEEM is supported with the replacement steemlogin or install/user STEEM keychain chrome extension

hi! problem solved, thank you by your help!

Thank you @beemengine for your support. I am just understanding seemit and I really appreciate your support the more I am understanding it.

hi @jungling you may subscribe and try it for 1 month, beemengine will boost your profile a lot! Happy Posting!

Hi @beemengine , thank you for contacting.

I have followed you will try it for a month.

Is there anything more basics you would like to explain to me. Toy make it worthwhile for both of us?

hi again! I have passive earning active but I don't see in my balance any increment (I started yesterday or before yesterday I don't remember).
How much time is required for see passive earnings in the wallet?? Thank you very much in advance!

Hello curation rewards take 7 days after the post is submitted.

I sent you 1steem but my subscription is not activated,when its activated?

Hello please double check,
Happy Posting!

Thank You For Activating My Subscription