Ever tried SteemBeem?!

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SteemBeem Your Best Steem Companion


  • Non stop 24/24 automated content booster at your service
  • You just subscribe to the service and get automatically served
  • @beemengine will do all the rest for you


You can enable passive earnings
  • Get more SP automatically by allowing @beemengine to auto-curate posts on behalf you
  • benefiting you and SteemBeem community.


From the community to the community
  • You will get extra upvotes from the participating subscribers that enables the passive income feature!
Referral Program is available as well


Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I wouldn't trust a service that is so willing to annoyingly spam every account on the blockchain to have any authorization to use my account.

It is a very good service, no need to trust, you can just subscribe and get yours posts boosted, check the website

It uses steemconnect or you can send yourself the transaction of 1 STEEM to @steembeem with memo subscribe
to get subscribed. While authorizing will allow steembeem to use your vote to boost/contribute help others subscribers posts (steembeem community) which makes you extra SP as posts curation reward shares/revenue!

But how do we know if the bot is a good curator? I don't want to be voting on any posts, only quality content.

i guess @steembeem should add in future a whitelist or blacklist to control for who's content you like usually (he should be as well within the subscribers list)

So it's a way to sell your votes.

buying upvotes.jpg

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a very good business for one steem 0.001 upvote :) i am in!

It depends your luck, the 100% full vote of 0.33 STEEM is shared equally between upcoming users posts..

amazing business. 19 users so woud be 0.02 upvote. great profit -0.98 steem :)

nope each round you may be the only one who posted (not necessarily all the 19 users are posting each 2.4 hours...)
So just getting 3 times a 100% will make you an extra profit, note that you have a one month of active subscription, and depend on how much you are posting and creating content. in plus remember that you get extra full upvotes shared the same, from the contributors (now up to 15+).

i will give a support with one steem. with hope that will be 10000 steem subscription one day.

how are the things going

things are going well, you got 0.001 rmsfitness token

Oh that's cool thank u

seems like a dead project

Doing good so far 4500+ boosted posts

SP is low

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