I make this disaster a boon for me. I purchased more than 5000 Steem.

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Greetings friends!

This is the very tough time for crypto market. It has dropped unexpectedly during this week. I sustained heavy loss. My bitcoin holding had dropped almost 50 percent of its value. It was a very difficult time ahead of me. I thought why should I not make this disaster as a boon for me. So, I decided to purchase some Steem with it. I thought Steem price would be around 0.30 USD but, it was just 0.17 when I checked it. So, I quickly sold my bitcoin and purchased steem with it. I got about 5200 Steem. 5200 Steem is not a small amount. I am searching for the opportunity to power up with it. It would be great for me.
What do you think?

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