My Steemcleaner Blacklist : my apology to the steem community

in steem •  2 years ago 

Hello my all friends
Hope you are oaky and also i am so fine.


Yesterday was my black day cause i am caught by #steemcleaner and his blacklisted. I was no conscious about my steem vlog thats why i am unfortunately uses some photos in my vlog from Facebook . I have no idea about using Facebook photos. I think its not any problem for me using steemit.i am so upset baout my rubbish work.its my unconsciousness occurred in my post.i am so sorry about this task.

Bellow i show up my post

I am hearty Sorry to steem community for my rubbish time i will conscious with my work.hope steem community considere my request..

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Warning! This user is on our black list, likely as a known plagiarist, spammer or ID thief. Please be cautious with this post!
If you believe this is an error, please chat with us in the #appeals channel in our discord.

Bad luck bro.