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Ok, timing the bottom is hard. This might be it, it might not be. This could go on for a year. We could be back up in a week. The fact remains that this is some cheap ass steem. So, two things about that. Some whales are dumping. That's great. We can make a better distribution on the platform and get a middle class going. It's also a great chance for you to have and grow an account here. So, take the dive, buy some Steem, and I bet a year from now you'll be thrilled you did.

It's impossible to know your exact financial situation. So, don't spend money you can't afford to lose. I'm not a guy who can give you financial advice. I don't know your financial situation. I can just share that I'm happy to pick up more steem when the price is low and looking forward to selling it when the price is high.

There's blood in the streets and capitulation appears to be ongoing. Consider a ladder buy in and join the ranks of the dolphin class.

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There's few coins I'd ever shill with no explanation and a hashtag. Steem's one of those elite. #BuySTEEM #NotInvestmentAdviceTho #IfOnlyIHadMoreFiat

I like the hashtag #ifonlyihadmorefiat. I have been saying that to my wife for the last few days.

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I agree 100% I've been buying in as much as possible :) I can't wait for it to rise again hehe.

There is a 100% chance this is not the bottom. There is a 100% chance you will be up in a year here. BUY

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I'll repeat: this is some cheap ass steem!

I know, the what-if's are always there, but the same Steem was at 9$ not even a year ago. Even if it drops to 10 cents, the current price is darn cheap.

However, this is not investment advice!

Yup. It's also pertinent to repeat 1 STEEM = 1 STEEM as many times as necessary 😂

Please, please tell me. Are you 'Deep end' or 'Depend'? It's been killing me for months

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Lol. It's a multiple entendre but first and foremost a nickname that comes from my given name Dan Pendergraft. You can interpret it whichever way that causes you the least distress... or most I guess? If you're a masochist. 😉

I'm a dolphin now but I remember when I was a plankton and you and I spoke about your new initiative, called Minnow Support.

Well you've come a long way, and certainly earned the trust and respect of many people on this platform. I plan to buy more Steem very soon.

Does seem like we're heading pretty conclusively down. A lot of the technical "experts" seem to think we still have to reach a place where the prices aren't just collapsing, but trading volume also goes super high... suggesting everybody is cashing out. But, as you say, it's not easy to time a bottom.

Bright Blessings!

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1 year from now all this will be a hazy memory. I'd be quite surprised if the bear didn't end sometime next year, or as early as late this year (who can really tell?)

But what about 5 years from now? 10 years? It all hinges on whether or not the coin is developed, and how it's developed, and whether it's used, and how much. STEEM remains one of the most-used cryptos, which in my view sets it apart from the seemingly endless sea of crapcoins on Coinmarketcap.

Crypto investing is an unequal opportunity: because you stand to lose, but if you choose your coin wisely what you stand to gain GREATLY exceeds that.

Buy them cheap coins!

That is exactly what I am going to do since I was waiting and waiting for steemit to drop and now it's a great time to do so.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on buying steem.

i know investment is long term and hardful a business. This is quite bad situaiton, but always we meet crisis, economic problems. Only, we have to continue to do our jobs on steemit.

I may be sub plankton, but my steemit valet account value shows over 40 Billions, so I should be set more or less ;-)

Haha, yeah, we're all billionaire/ trillionaires at the moment! Let's all feel this for a moment and visualize it into the future... :)

I was just thinking, this better gets corrected and fast. If our tax agencies find out about this, we all may be in a deep trouble explaining how we don't owe millions of back taxes...

I'm not too worried about that. :)

I can remember last year at the same period, I was there since only 6 months and building my account, and I will never forget that at this moment I thought "If only I had more steem...from now on I will never miss an opportunity to get steem when it is the best time for that"

I have not much money in the bank, but the money I can spare, I invest it on steem from time to time since then,
100 euros here or 70 euros there, when it's the right moment for it I do not miss the opportunities

I prefer to invest on something I believe in, and on my art and energy on steemt platform, rather to let it sleep at the bank at a ridiculously low rate (because I have not much, it does not make me earn anything)

If now I had 5000 euros to invest, I would do it now without asking myself too many questions,
but if I have only 50 to invest, I do it, because this 50 will eventually become many more...

Of course we have no sureness that it will happen, but neither am I certain I will be alive tomorrow and it doesn't prevent me to enjoy life fully now and make the best out of my life, so I will do the same with my money and the best I can do now is invest

and it is surely kobg6jpkp7.png ^_^

There is that one big positive of an organic leveling of the playing field which we all know is well needed.

As for bottom or not, buying in increments from here on down is the easiest and safest play. Could we see 25 cents, probably. 6 cents, possibly. Buy in increments people.

Just pay more attention to public enemy.. it'll all be fine. 8D

Certainly! The thought should be: "I did not expect such a big promotion." I made a small purchase. With that price, I will enjoy to grow buying more steem Power in a few days. The stronger the crisis, the stronger we become when we overcome it. Better times will come! Thanks!

buy steem at 10 cents

such an important message and i was praying for these prices back in early 2018. i’d be crazy not to take advantage

i was able to hit dolphin status because of these prices and hope for more in the coming days.

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Excellent advice. Yes buy and get in while it is low. Bargain prices. Thanks for the heads up. @ggroed

Buy STEEM ♨\nand also SP UP !!!\n\nSTEEM ♥ LOVE ♩♬

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It is a buy time because all is cheap. But of course don't invest what you can't afford to lose.

Okay, @aggroed! Great price to buy STEEM.
Please, Can you help me? I haven't received the booster pack prize yet. About of the Steem Monsters Art Contest Week 22. Also my friends @mr-monk and @monsterwhale have not received their prizes.

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I personally agree with you @aggroed. It gonna be a WIN WIN for all those who take advantage of this drop. I've bought few and still wanna stock up more. #ifonlyihadmorefiat.


I believed bear will get tired and this big names in BCH hash war will be driedup. We will go up!

I have some spare eth lying around. Should probably convert that to steem seeing how all those icos are liquidating their eth.

I will keep averaging down. I am playing in a 10 year window so I don't care too much about what happens over one month or one year.

With all the strong FUD in the cryptocurrency land right now, which one do we follow right now, to invest or not to invest?

I intend to buy, right now I´m only waiting for the slow process that I need to go through to get convert some FIAT into crypto.

With a small amount I can triple up the size of my account, how good is that?!?

Kinda wish I didn’t drop 3k on steem when it was 0.8 but ima a dolphin now and next stop orca! Great chance to avg down!

Hope the capitulation last a while tho

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