Please report spammers, scammers & plagiarizers here!

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If you report a valid account that is spamming, scamming or plagiarizing below you will receive a nice little reward in the form of an upvote!

Please do not post any account names without thoroughly reviewing their history.  

Anyone reporting a valid account that is not spamming, scamming or plagiarizing will be flagged.

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I caught these two accounts abusing reward pool by uploading copy paste content

Dear @abusereports

Please talk to me in Discord: TheKinGeeK👑#8321 , thank you very much.

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???? sure


You have been identified as a Steem network abuser and have been flagged accordingly. Please behave.

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You have been identified as a Steem network abuser and have been flagged accordingly. Please behave.


I would like to report @sportic
account. He thugs the Steemians by making them send 1SBD or Steem in return for his 100 % upvote tho his SP is merely 50SP. He sends 0.001SBD to the Stewmians with the Memo of This Upvote Message. Some newbies have fallen into his trap as I looked into his Wallet. He has made 100SBD since few hours. And when i inquired about his upvotes, i saw he has only 0.01 value of upvote as i saw a Steemian who sent him 1SBD for a Post. His Post now has 0.1 payout even including his Upvote.




This guy needs stopped. It’s all spam.

These are definitely some of the accounts. I’m sure there is more but this is a good start.


@getlywalve - this one tags several of the same people, including me, in every post. It blows up my Steemify app






Thanks for the support. I have been flagging this guy but my vote isn’t enough yet.

I will keep you updated and informed. Steemit is a place for good quality content. Not spam and eggs.

Awesome- good work!!

Bernie on a roll!

Really dandy initiative :D

Does this count? Farming upvotes from Zappl

Absolutely. Added.

I'm not sure about the content in @a-0-0, but I do know that a second account, @a-a-a, only exists to resteem and spam @a-0-0's content. Please at least get rid of @a-a-a. Thanks

@a-0-0 added. Thank you.

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Joke incoming:
I'd like to nominate walden for spamming spammers' spam and raping the reward pool through self comment upvotes. :P

Good work finding all those accounts buddy.

Identity theft/photo plagiarism. All photos are from the same model named Elizabeth Marxs. You can do a image search and see for yourselves.

It's good and the same time scary because this kind of authority can be abused as well. Some people are just trigger-happy reporting spam and everything without checking the history. The thing is, most of the time, the blacklisting bots just accept it because they're bots. They're very far from human.

I want to help but I'm also not a snitch
what is the incentive? I have a few that are spammers

Sounds dumb.. snitch? Are they your friends ? Are you on their side?

was trying to be funny, already submitted 4 people lol

haejin is the #1 spammer. Many are trying to stop him but they get flagged.

Spammers don't get 10k views

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You're ok with him having multiple accounts to feed his main one, posting every 2 hours and getting over $200 for each useless post?

Show evidence.

I'm ok with him having built his following 3-4k when I started following to 25k now. 500-1k views per post when I started following to 3-10k now. $5-$10 rewards per post now $200+ rewards per post.

He has done the same thing the whole way through. No evidence of multi accounting (I think you are confusing that with berniesanders).

Haejin built a following, brought people to steemit from youtube and twitter, encouraged them to power up, and has provided continuous valuable content.

What he is doing is evident to most of us: that he is motivated by greed and not by wanting to help anyone. I understand why you don't see it, perhaps you are grateful that he brought you to Steemit. This post by another follower of his is very interesting.

I personally find no value in his posts and no reason for him to expoit the platform by stealing $200 every 2 hours from the reward pool.

There are people here who share wonderful content only when they have something to say and earn very little, bc the $$ is going to someone else.

I guess it all comes down to the values people have and if they want to make this platform different from the others or just another dog eat dog circus.

Hope that this doesn't count as Spam.

This song is going to be stuck in my head all day now!!

Congratulations @abusereports, this post is the seventh most rewarded post (based on pending payouts) in the last 12 hours written by a User account holder (accounts that hold between 0.1 and 1.0 Mega Vests). The total number of posts by User account holders during this period was 3469 and the total pending payments to posts in this category was $9426.39. To see the full list of highest paid posts across all accounts categories, click here.

If you do not wish to receive these messages in future, please reply stop to this comment.

Great initiative. But if someone is spamming what actions would you take?


Good incentive, and good luck. I think a lot of the comments on this post reflect the problem that you are trying to resolve. It feels a bit like the Jehovah sketch from A Life of Brian. I guess the more initiatives like this, the less Spammy things will become. (another Monty Python analgy for you there as well if you are Python fan. )

thank you for giving info to friends.
info is very useful. always success.

And this one spamming at right place 😂😂😂😂
Don't know where he will go now from repo 27 .

Scamming is just blatant scamming right, not shilling? Damn I wish I could report shilling.


Well, I guess shilling any obvious scammy coins or icos counts as scamming... haven't run across any recently so I can't give an example right now as I don't really venture into those tags much. I'll be sure to drop by if I see any of the other categories though, thanks.

Does voting like this count at all? He used to self-vote for over 20 on trash comments.

I can only imagine the less voted on garbage is just as bad as the most voted on garbage.

Probably plagiarism.

Literally just copy-pasting article links.

Copy-pasting bible verses.

Some of it seems to be actual authors.

Is news aggregation like this fine? I'll avoid finding more accounts like it if it is.

The fuck is this honestly.

Can't believe they're trying to dump this on the poor idiots here.

It's really good the way you are giving a good message to the world,,,,
I love your post,,, thank you my dear friend for sharing with #Us,,,,,,, and very good job,,,keep it #Up,,,

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This person whose profile is filled with 1 picture scam posts earning 4-5$ on every post about 20 times a day. i have flagged this ID but no responses. I am afraid they will start flagging my genuine posts and IDs and i l lose my SP instead

Dear @spaminator @buplibot and @steemcleaners, pease add the following abusers do your blacklist and any other blacklists you come across:
@rayjason, @puntenkalangkung, @padmavat, @rocky143123, @abdullahalamsher

yes, only stop spamming and plagiarizing !!

I catch one, He even has a good reputation.


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Upvoting BS comments on 6th day (look comments 9 days ago and more)

Upvoting his(?) charts comments all the time

@abady seems like an odd account. Cheetah has caught it multiple times and seems pretty spammy; random arabic, korean, and english posts.

I’m not sure if this counts as spam but I get these replies on some of my post from the account @hotpacks claiming they upvoted but there is no upvote to be found ? Also there is @funnyordie that spammed trying to sell upvotes.

I keep getting little comments with links about sending SBD. and a quick look at his comments, and he looks to be copying and pasting the same link to random people constantly.

I was about to donate to @sola3097. However because it was going to be a considerable amount, at least for me. I figured I should check it out first and I think I found something fishy. The request for help was for a burn victim that was hurt trying to burn a trash pile.Screenshot_20180325-121303.pngScreenshot_20180325-121313.pngScreenshot_20180325-123053.png So I looked through his blog and I found that the exact same pictures with a slightly different story were posted by him about this happening last December. I thought at first it was the same situation.....but then I read the story AND realized he hadn't included one very important picture from the original story in his new post and had drastically changed the end of the story. If you notice in the last picture above he says "this is him now." However the original story is different.Screenshot_20180325-120701.pngScreenshot_20180325-123524.png As you can see the gentleman who was in the original post seems to be completely heeled. Then in the new post it makes I sound like the guy is still severely messed up. Truth be told, I hope I'm wrong and I've just misread the whole situation. It just doesn't seem right to me. Most everybody here I've met seems so nice. I would hate to see people here I love being taken advantage of. Please just look at it yourself and do as yous determine best. If I am wrong, I do sincerely apologize. But please get back with me after you reach a decision. All of my love to yous and all of yours.

@dimitrov10 is a scammer! watch out for his links!
he writes links that goes to a address and not the steemit link as he betrays it to be!
they've sort of been snuffed but this is becoming a trend, ps link is a scam alert and is unpaid, im putting it here to shed light and add more eyes to it.

So I can make money from reporting people doing weird stuff?

You can add @zombiess to your list. Obviously a scammer a few days ago a male as seen here then suddenly here introducing “herself” as a female.
He’s the boyfriend of @ssophiee who you can put on your list as well for repeated tag abuse and always keep posting the same trash over and over again. As well as her newest scam account @cherrygirl.

the right solution to overcome plagiarism and scammers on this platform, this will certainly make steemit a good enough place to work without fear of stolen our work

It is a pity that not more users know about your initiative. It seems to me very, very important to keep Steemit free of spam and plagiarism because it greatly affects the value.
I have your post resteemed that more users will take notice of you, I share the post also in Steemit Facebook groups and publish it on my promo-Steemit website
Now I know to whom I can turn the next time when I discover spam or plagiarism.
Best thanks for your great action and best greetings

@berniesanders you are helping us in many ways thabks for creating this bot..

You got a 9.66% upvote from @buildawhale courtesy of @abusereports!
If you believe this post is spam or abuse, please report it to our Discord #abuse channel.

If you want to support our Curation Digest or our Spam & Abuse prevention efforts, please vote @themarkymark as witness.

Please take a look at @hotlist
Send many people 0.001 SBD and say :
"Resteem to 11.000+ followers + 100% upvote . Send 1 SBD or 2 STEEM to @hotlist ( URL in memo ) . Service Active"
Have only 15SP voting weight.

This post was upvoted and resteemed by @resteemr!
Thank you for using @resteemr.

@resteemr is a low price resteem service.
Check what @resteemr can do for you. Introduction of resteemr.

Hey @abusereports, please check my other comment on here for a potential spammer.

Guys, this user @petrovych stole my post.
here plagiarism post

and this is my original post

me and steemcleaners command already figured out the situation (see comments , but the plagiarist has not yet been punished.

Check out these crazy little fools.

@Masterbot got 170K 2 days ago and all those accounts where sending at last minute to real crap posts.

@masterbot for the past couple of hours voted on all its close to payout bot comments. Until I contacted @dang007 to pull delegation.

@umais is the owner of @masterbot Check them out. Over $1000 in rewards

Please support me i am new in steemit ,i don't know how to work in appropriate way and how to increase upvote and comment ,any way your post is very effective for new comer .thank you
Keep it up.

Have a look at that. Read my comment under it. I feel misled by that misleading "artist" on the trending page.

Flooding home feed.

Account name : eylul

*Spamming copy paste content recklessly
name : hakeemshah96
*posting nudes and spamming feed
name : farhad3322

thank you

You're yourself a plagiarism of the mascot of ESET NOD32

Just joking. I like your initiative.

Now imagine that last line isn't read by @abusereports lmao

Well... it would be awkward. :|

Hahaha true! A flag would be fired just like cha chik and BAM!

I have 2 reports for you


Most of the comments are copy paste. Like a robot or something like that


The second one is a plagiarist, he hides it but was discovered by steemcleaners in that post. I suspect all his other posts are also plagiarism. The worst is he has his own ranchorelaxo voting every article +100...

Check that post for yourself. I think steemcleaners is not hard enough with Spanish plagiarists.

There's also this spammer who has posted on hundreds of other peoples' posts in the last day or two, advertising his new vote bot...

"Write Url, send 0.100 sbd. 3000+ followers can see you (resteem)"

Just look at his comments and you'll see all that you need.

comment spam from cumanes34

Scam and Spam peoples

-> Example


You have been identified as a Steem network abuser and have been flagged accordingly. Please behave.

You have envy!

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here is one ^^^

That was easy.

I got more in my other reply :)

Its not fair u should help to guide other not flag

they are not people who are lost
they are just spamers

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Stop spamming. You're about to be added to the list I mention above.

hahah... n u were asking fr it :V

sorry sir

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Haha can I get an upvote if I mention @jakir007's name? :P
I noticed this user's been posting 1 worded comments a lot. It could be argued that they have context but this is just too much by @pankajwahane.


You have been identified as a Steem network abuser and have been flagged accordingly. Please behave.

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In my opinion all post by are a form of spamming like this post even though @err0rist mentions that "Please note that these are not my pictures. I spend days and weeks collecting them from the public domain, sort them out so you don't have to." the user does not provide any text or content really and just reposts public photos but does not link the source to provide proof they are not copyright protected. It seems no posts are containing any original content is that a form of Spam?

thanks for the very good publication

When you copy/paste or repeatedly type the same comments you could be mistaken for a bot.

Tips to avoid being flagged

Thank You! ⚜

Did you even read the whole post! I dont think so! :/

Obviously spambot, add it as well .. :)

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Thanks, you've been added to the list.

Following the comments on this thread are hillarious 😊

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Do you have the full list?