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in steem-meme •  6 years ago 

Happy Steemfest. I wish I had been able to make it to meet all you fine people in person and have a blast! Hopefully next time.

Happy Steeming

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Well done @benjojo these were really good! Hahaha

Especially this one had me laughing out loud

My favourite is the cheese one, but this was a close 2nd! :))


Great bunch of Steememeits.

I see you know many things about Holland)

And yet I've only been to Schiphol Airport sadly. I like so much about what i've heard though...Steemfest attendants are gonna have a great time!

Very good, best wishes

Is this a new design of the steemit logo that the girl to the right is wearing? :D

Lol, could be!

Very nice. =)

@benjojo, where you go for so long. I appreciate the support and I mess the memes. Steem On Friend. The tulips meme...what a beautiful picture of tulips. I like tulips a lot. Thank you friend for the awesome memes.

always here bud :)

wooooooooow !!!
Wonderful stemit memes :)

what a nice project you are running. hats off :)

Thanks very much....i'm just trying to do my part to spread the steem/steemit fun for This is a project that was started by @hilarski i believe! He deverves all the credit for the project, i'm just a contributor :)

just upvoted this awesome meme collection :)

ha ha ....... coooooooool

really nice meme

last one is awesome

very funny memes. upvoted & resteemed :D

I'm enjoying this series steem meme very much. thank you

That makes me the happiest steemer around. Thank you Hobit :)

wonderful work @benjojo :)

Great memes. Like steemfest one.

excellent & funny memes. thanks

thumbs up :D

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