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While voting on somebody's post is not hard but...

I've seen people asking some more in depth questions about how voting and curation work. I figured the easiest way to find what you're needing is a simple question answer format instead of a full blow written post. If you have a question feel free to ask it in the comments and I'll get it included in here for others curious about the same thing.

Q: Why do I see posts with many more votes but less earnings?
A: How much money an individual upvote gives depends on how much Steem Power the voter has, including what's been delegated (shown in parentheses under SP in wallets,) as well as their current vote power percentage. So the person with less votes, but more earnings on a post had voters with higher Steem Power.

Q: Why does the estimated earnings change even when no votes or flags were added?
A: The dollar (or whatever your fiat currency is) value of the reward pool is based on a rolling 30 day average. So for example we've been seeing the price of Steem go up, which makes the 30 day average go up a bit each day it remains higher.

Q: How much do I earn through curation rewards (i.e. voting on posts/comments)?
A: This depends on a few factors:

  1. How much Steem Power you have, including what is delegated to you (shown under SP in parentheses)
  2. How much your vote power percentage is (100% give you maximum possible reward for your SP level)
  3. How early you voted compared to others (you earn more if you vote before something becomes 'popular')
  4. If the pre-30 minute penalty applied (voting before a post is 30 minutes old applies a percentage penalty on curation)

Q: How exactly does the 30 minute penalty work?
A: The penalty is a linear percentage between 0 and 30 minutes. So if you vote on a post that is 0 minutes old, you'll get 0% of the what you would have earned as curation rewards. At 15 minutes you would get 50% of the maximum possible reward for you and at 30 minutes or older, there would be no penalty applied.

Q: How much of a posts payout goes to curators?
A: The short answer is that when a post pays out 75% goes to the author with 25% be split among curators. How much each curator gets is based on the factors mentioned above. However, any of the curation rewards lost to the 30 minute penalty are instead given to the original author of the post. Frequently this will end up have more of a 80/20 or 85/15 split of things.

Q: Should I wait to vote on myself instead of upvoting upon post creation?
A: Go right ahead and click the 'Upvote post' box when you're writing you're post. While it's true that you will get zero curation rewards due to the 30 minute penalty, what you lose goes right back to the author....which is you! So don't worry about trying to come back later to upvote yourself 20-30 minutes later.

Q: So when should I vote to get more curation rewards?
A: This is where you have to make a judgement call. Vote too early and you take more penalty. Vote too late and tons of people have already voted. So you have to decide how popular something will be. If you think it will grab a lot of people's attention to vote...it may be better off to vote earlier, say when the post is 10 minutes old. If you don't think it will be picked up like that...probably shoot for more the 20-25 minute old mark.

[NOTE: Personally I don't focus on curation rewards, preferring to just vote on what I like, support and/or want to see more of.]

Feel free to ask any questions about voting or curation in the comments. I'll get them answered and added to the post. If you have a question about anything else Steemit related, I'll still answer, but just include in a separate post.

Keep Smilin' and Steem On!

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aashish, you can see what @sykochica does to help others and thank you for bring deepa in on this. This how community and true connection all works and you are learning fast!

@unmean-stweets & @sykochica Thank You BOTH !! There is definitely a "learning curve" on Steemit and it's people like You & many others I've had the privilege & honor to meet during my first 12 days on Steemit, that make a "World of Difference" for all of us new people... Thanks again !!

UpVoted Both, Following You Both & will Resteem !!

       ~~~ STEEM On !!! ~~~

As always, I love @unmean-stweets and the positivity it brings to the platform!

Thank you for passing this on to her!
If any of you guys have other questions, feel free to leave them in here as a comment. I'll get them answered. :)

thank you @aashishkandel for the mention,
my all questions have probably been included here in the post, if I have any other questions that I don't know, I will ask them
@sykochica, you are really helpful, thank you!

Hehe, I tried to cover that I'd seen a lot of people asking.
Happy to help out :)

Good day @sykochica,
I see you have opened up mentoring site for new steem users, I came across your profile from Internet site.
I am a new user and I am really getting frustrated cant seem to get help the steem. Chat disappeared overnight Oky here's my problem

I want to know if I have claimed my reward what do I have to do next in my wallet with the drop down menus. Because in my wallet on top got notification BUY STEEM OR STEEM POWER does this mean that I have no steel or anything. Or must I choose other option from the drop down menu like transfer to savings.
I would appreciate if you can help me in this regards

I'm curious about what happens when someone votes on a posting that is beyond the pay-out date. Does the creator still get reputation for the post or is the vote totally wasted? This 'cutting off' payment seems rather counter-productive to me. Why shouldn't a content creator be paid by someone who finds, likes and up-votes an article even 10 years after it was posted? It shouldn't be that difficult to write code that pays out weekly but keeps paying out every week for the previous week.

Also; What happens when someone votes on an article that has the rewards with a line through the number (where the author is declining payment)? Does the curator earn any curation reward? Does the author earn reputation?

What about articles that have been resteemed? When an article gets resteemed, I read that the payout deadline is extended so that the author has extra time to earn rewards from the resteem. What is the amount of time that is given for the extension? And if it is once again resteemed, is the time also extended again for every resteem period? If so, is there a limit to the extended time? For instance: Let's say someone resteems an article and it is extended by 2 days. Then someone sees the resteem before the extended time is up and resteems it on the 2nd day. Will the payout now be extended for 4 days? Can the extention be compounded every 2 days to extend the payout period indefinitely by people resteeming ever 2 days?

I'm curious about what happens when someone votes on a posting that is beyond the pay-out date. Does the creator still get reputation for the post or is the vote totally wasted?

If you upvote a post that is past the payout date, then the vote itself is accepted but nothing else happens. There are no rewards applied towards it but the person that voted on it does have their vote power percentage reduced (like any other vote would do.) I believe that no reputation is applied either in this scenario, but I need to double check on that to be absolutely sure.

This 'cutting off' payment seems rather counter-productive to me. Why shouldn't a content creator be paid by someone who finds, likes and up-votes an article even 10 years after it was posted? It shouldn't be that difficult to write code that pays out weekly but keeps paying out every week for the previous week.

There's been a lot of discussion since Steemit started over how long payouts should be left open (even indefinitely.) We used to have 2 payouts, one lasting 24-36ish hours (which activity extended the time on it) with the second being 30 days after the close of the first.

While I do absolutely understand the drive to be able to earn on posts forever (the long tail,) there is computing overhead that has to be dealt with too. Right now the vaaaaaaaaast majority of votes are placed within three days...and remember votes can only be given by steemit users, not just viewers. The witnesses (people who actually run the steem blockchain) have to keep all posts with active voting in memory however, making it more intensive with more open payouts. Right now we're sort of in that balancing act of what we'd like versus what's best for a quick, functioning blockchain. Especially when the processing time allowed for just about anything on here is at 3 seconds.

However, I do suspect over time we'll see the payout times be revisited to account for things like this.

Also; What happens when someone votes on an article that has the rewards with a line through the number (where the author is declining payment)? Does the curator earn any curation reward? Does the author earn reputation?

When voting on a post with a declined payout, the vote is accepted (with vote power % decreasing.) Technically curators still would earn rewards from their (up to) 25% or the payout...but since that's 0, they make a percentage of nothing.

I'll have to double check, but I do believe that reputation IS earned, even when payout is declined, while the payout period is still active.

What about articles that have been resteemed? When an article gets resteemed, I read that the payout deadline is extended so that the author has extra time to earn rewards from the resteem. What is the amount of time that is given for the extension? And if it is once again resteemed, is the time also extended again for every resteem period? If so, is there a limit to the extended time? For instance: Let's say someone resteems an article and it is extended by 2 days. Then someone sees the resteem before the extended time is up and resteems it on the 2nd day. Will the payout now be extended for 4 days? Can the extention be compounded every 2 days to extend the payout period indefinitely by people resteeming ever 2 days?

I believe that was probably from an older post before we started the 7 day payout. However, it wasn't resteeming that extended the time back then, but was voting activity with larger SP votes extending it more. This also provided some diminishing returns on the extensions beyond there being purely less SP accounts left to vote.

Now, it's a pretty hard closing time on payouts without there being any extensions. 7 days after posting, the payout is closed...with the last 12 hours (I believe) only allowing for downvotes. This 'downvote only' window was to provide time to deal with large SP users that were trying to 'game' the system.

Thank you. On testing voting in posts over 7 days old it seems now that voting power is not reduced.

Thank-you very much sykochica! You sure know a lot about how this all works. Are you part of the developer's team?

I can understand wanting to close out payments if active payment status requires the process to remain in memory. I would have thought that perhaps there is simply a call that asks to modify the data and refresh it either with new activity or to calculate the weekly payment. I'm not a programmer, so have very little knowledge about this sort of thing.

Great post!
Before today I also had questions about voting power and curations rewards etc - I had done a bit of digging around Steemit and found various great posts which answered my questions.

In saying that, If I had maybe waited even a week - I would have had all the information in one spot. This post is that good. Very informative and very easy to follow.

Good stuff @sykochica. Have upvoted and followed you 😊

Thank you!
I really try to cover the big questions, while keeping it very clear and concise.

Feel free to ask any other questions that may come to mind...I can try to save you some digging time. Lol

Thanks for the incredible post. I love the info as I have been completely lost on how it works. Followed and upvoted!

Absolutely! Happy to help out. I've got some more of things coming up.
If you have any questions (even if not about curation/voting) feel free to ask them here. I'll get them answered for ya.

😊 Thank you. I have a question regarding the Wallet. How's the best way to manage the Wallet and all the different catorgories. To maximize the most and to buy some Steemit coins. I want to buy low because I know it's going to go high! Thanks

This is actually something I'll be including in tomorrow 'guide' post on Steem, SD, SP and what to do with your earnings. But I'll give a more brief version here for you...

First we have three categories in your wallet...steem, steem power and steem dollars. (feel free to ask for clarification on these if needed) Most of the time when we our posts are paid out, the curator percentage is deducted and from what remains half goes into steem power (using the current steem price as the conversion from dollars to SP) and half goes to you as Steem Dollars (which right now seem to still be paying at 1 SD = $1 US)...even though it's market rate is currently $2 USD.)

To give the quick disclaimer...it's always up to you to decide the best way to manage your money and this isn't meant as trading advice...

With that said, Steemit (witnesses) actively try to keep the SD within 10% of $1 USD ($0.90 - $1.10 USD)...so right now it is extremely high relative to that range. This means that there is currently a 0% interest rate on SD's (which is paid every 3 months when there is interest) as well as there being people trying to get the SD price back down.

Personally, I take this to mean I don't want to just hold SD's indefinitely. So I've been first checking the internal market (found by clicking the down arrow by SD in your wallet and clicking market) to check the going rate to buy steem with my SD. I compare this to what that rate would be on the crypto exchange market by dividing the steem price by the steem dollar price (I just do this in US dollars by looking at coin market cap info for steem and steem dollars since it's easier than dealing with satoshis.)

Whichever is lower, is the better exchange rate to sell SD's for steem.

Now, you don't have to sell the SD's for steem..it can go into other things or be cashed out and spend (either by sending to your bank, a bitcoin prepaid card or bitcoin debit card.) **I do recommend for new Steemians to take a little bit out from your wallet and use it to buy yourself something real, whether a dinner, shoes, whatever. But not only does this solidify the reality of make money from here, you know it's spendable, can easily say that to others about Steemit it, as well as already have a method setup for any future times you wish to spend some.

Now, I like having a little bit of SP build up where I can award people something with my votes as well as be able to get some curation rewards (even without trying) at about 7-10 SP a week. That's free money to me. The higher my SP, the higher my curation rewards without changing how I vote.

Steem is what has the price fluctuations, similar to other currencies like bitcoin. If you hold some, and the price goes up...you make money. So if you think that Steem will go up in price, there is a good reason to hold on to it. If you're willing to hold it over the 13 weeks it would take to powerdown fully, I don't see a reason to hold it as liquid steem or in an exchange, when at the same time it could also be letting me give more with my votes and make curation rewards with it.

In the end...it boils down to a few things:

  • Do you want your vote to have more influence (give more $) on here and get more curation rewards
  • Do you think Steem will go up in price
  • Have you bought yourself at least a little something with your earnings to solidify the reality and spendability of what you've made here.

I personally don't like the idea of holding tons of SD's with there they currently stand. Though I do tend to keep some in my wallet in case I want to promote a post (which can only be done with SD's.)

Did that all answer your question?

It sure did and thank you. I will have to read through it a few times to get my head completely around it but I get the general idea. Thanks for taking the time to explain it to me as after almost 2 weeks on here I am almost as lost as day one when it comes to how to make and how to spend Cryptos.
I am sure I will have more questions for you tomorrow. Once again thanks for your time and support.

Absolutely happy to help!
It's tough to present as nice in a comment versus a post...and it's a little more complicated an answer. The short answer...I'm not holding many SD's in my wallet (mainly just to promote posts.) Either hold as Steem, SP, another cypto, or cash it out to buy something.

If you've not bought anything with your Steemit earnings take $20-$50 (or whatever amount) to by yourself something. :)

We can always talk in discord about this too sometime. :)

Ok thank you once again for taking the time. I look forward to seeing your Post tomorrow.

I had to push this post back a day with the hardfork announcement needing a corresponding guide. But here is the guide/faq on the steem currencies.


Nice Post, im newbie here and it was pretty clarifying. I'd read a couple of posts about this and i had not fully understood, but this answer format was very simple indeed. Upvoted and resteemed Thanks!

Thank you!
I try to be pretty clear and concise on these things. I know I don't want to always read pages and pages, just get my question answered. Lol.

Feel free to ask any other questions you have (even outside of voting/curation) here in the comments...I'll make sure to answer them.

This is the best explanation of curation rewards that I've seen yet. I'm with you -- I just vote for what I like and often don't want to wait for the 30 minute mark because I don't want to miss upvoting a great piece. 😀

Thank you! Feel free to any questions that may come to mind, even outside curation/voting. :)

Hehe, I spent a week or so many months ago on trying to maximize my rewards. I ended up finding that I forgot to go back after 20-30 minutes anyway! Lol.

Thanks for this post, it was really helpful, now i understand better how it works. Btw, i agree with you, i vote on what i like to support, i don't focus on curation rewards.

Happy to help out! Feel free to comment with any questions you have, even if outside of voting/curation. :)

While I won't fault people for going just for the max rewards, it's not as enjoyable and typically when I was trying that out...I didn't even open the posts. I prefer the content over a few extra SP, lol.

🍒 Useful, specially the 30 min penalty, I didn't know about that, so thank you

You're very welcome! I love being helpful to Steemians. :)
Feel free to ask any questions that come to mind, even if outside of voting/curation.

And I absolutely love the happy kitty gif!

The name of this particular kitty is Pusheen and I love him too :D

Great answers to a lot of the good questions newer people like me might have. Thanks for posting them. Following for more helpful information. Have a good day yo

Thank you!
Feel free to ask any other questions that come to mind in a comment and I'll make sure to answer....even if outside voting/curation.

Very nicely written. Helped me a lot 😁

Thank you!
I'm glad it was helpful for you! Feel free to ask any questions that may come to mind (even outside voting/curation) in here. :)

And welcome to Steemit! I just saw your intro post a few minutes ago.

Congratulations @sykochica!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following category:

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Oh awesome! Thank you!!

I don't understand the reason of the penality of the first 30 min, I figure it will be related with the possibility that you vote every post... ¿?

While to some degree, the desire is get people to spend the time to read and digest the post instead of just clicking upvote. But the bigger motivation behind the 30 minute penalty is because of voting bots that used to upvote right after a post was created so earn lots of curation rewards.

There have been a lot of things done here specifically to protect against bots being able to collect large amounts of the reward pools.

Ok! Thank you!
I didn't know that there were robots here!

And, what do you think about trails, aren't them like robots?

While I can understand how some would lump bots and trails together, personally I view them a bit differently. Since bots are things that use a software program to actually decide what posts to vote on, where trails actually have a human at the helm doing the selecting.

While I'm sure some bots still exist here, they're not nearly as prevalent as they used to be.

Thank you for the detailed post, it's very helpful. Regarding the question about curations rewards, it's confusing to me — looks like one never gets rewarded "in full", either she/he will be too early and get penalized, or too late and doesn't get much as well. What I see is that first 5 to 15 votes often appear when the post just appeared and is 2 minutes old. In 30 minutes a popular post could have tens or hundreds of votes and at this point, if the author is popular, the bots join.

To some degree you're right...there aren't going to be any 'full' curation rewards. But that's kind of the wrong way to look at it since it's impossible. The goal is purely to maximize that you can get by voting in that sweet spot. Often, you'd achieve this by being hit somewhat by the 30 minute penalty, but that still ends up being a better reward for you than voting later. The first voters are allocated a larger portion of the curation reward, but is also scaled by your Steem Power.

But you'll find in the [Top Curator List] that the leaders aren't always the biggest SP accounts. So there is an aspect of 'knowing good/popular content when you see it.'

Thanks Sykochica, now it's clearer to me. Do I get right that the precise mathematics of this voting system is to be found in the source code only?

While there's no doubt in the source code (which I'm really not the one to pick through it grab the lines,) this is the original algorithm from last year. This was pulled from one of Steemit's founders blog post here.

let steem_power               = the total Steem Power of the vote
let current_total_steem_power = the combined Steem power of all past votes
let new_total_steem_power     = current_total_steem_power + steem_power;
let vote_payout_weight        = steem_power * (steem_power/new_total_steem_power)^2
let total_vote_payout_weight  = sum vote_payout_weight for all votes on the post

let vote_payout = total_vote_reward * vote_payout_weight / total_vote_payout_weight

Now, while I can't give a list of changes that have taken place in there one of bigger things to know is that the total portion for (all) curators on a post is 25% (versus the 50% shown above) minus any amount that was forfeited back to the author from the 30 minute penalty.

The other big up coming change is for the vote_payout_weight where the square will be becoming linear instead.

If anyone did want to dig into the code, it is available on Steem's Github.

Is that sort of what you were looking for?

Thanks a lot for the detailed answer and for the link, Sykochica! This is very useful.

One striking thing I noticed in cryptonomics in general is the prominent role of mathematics in it. Not what a mere mortal is used to :) Am going back to school)

Happy to help out.

Yea, there's always going to be the 'Mathy' parts when delving deep enough in these things..it's rather inevitable. I tend to just give the general ideas to people, focusing on the concepts going on versus the specific numbers. Most the time it accomplishes what they're looking for.

Wait, you mean this doesn't work like the presidential election? Mind Blown...lol :-)

Imagine elections if we got PAID to vote!??!?!?!

Talk about lines at the voting polls...hahaha

Great post, will help newbies because there is a lot of old information still out there.

Question - under the drop down menu for votes, the voters are listed but not in alphabetical order, time of voting or weighting of vote power used. I have read that the list is shown according to amount of SP the voters has. I am curious as to why!

The idea behind the order by SP is to show you who had the most influential votes on your post, with the biggest at the top. Now, I do believe that order takes into account things like their vote power % along with pure SP too.

Think of that order letting your largest 'benefactors' be easily seen.

Thanks for the explanation @skyochica, if the 'benefactors' vote with reduced influence by reducing the voting power using the slider does their payout also reduce according to the reduction of the voting power or it just means that they are reward you less by reducing the power influence.

There are two factors at work there, both having an effect. One is the slider bar, where the user chooses how much of a full vote to apply. Vote power is what is reduced when voting, which regenerates over time (at a rate of 40 f100% votes worth per 24 hours.) Vote power reduces how much of a 'full vote' applies from the Steem Power they hold.

So say for example, my vote give $2 and I vote for your post at 25% with my slider bar, while my vote power % is at 50%.
---My vote power first brings my Full Vote down to giving $1. Since I used the slide to give 25% of a vote...it would then give you $0.25.

The slider bar is the 'benefactor' deciding how much of a 'full vote' you get, the vote power % is solely based on how much they've been voting recently.

Did that answer your question?

It is crystal clear to be now. I'm just exploring each aspect of Steemit bit by bit. @sykochica many thanks and very much appreciated.

Happy to help out. Feel free to ask anything as questions come to mind. :)

Maybe you can write a post on comment and resteem. I will ask you questions there since my questions are not in line with this post. I will be looking out for your post ;-)

I've got a handful of 'guide' / 'q and a' posts lined up over this week covering various topics...but I'm down to try a resteem. :)

Ahh, now, that info for me, just erased my doubts at one blow about why my name does not appear even when I am the only voter. LoL

This post has been ranked within the top 50 most undervalued posts in the first half of May 24. We estimate that this post is undervalued by $18.27 as compared to a scenario in which every voter had an equal say.

See the full rankings and details in The Daily Tribune: May 24 - Part I. You can also read about some of our methodology, data analysis and technical details in our initial post.

If you are the author and would prefer not to receive these comments, simply reply "Stop" to this comment.

thank you for the advices
But how do you get support from whales

Happy to be helpful.
Whale support is a tougher one, since those are people versus something coded. What it really boils down to is getting onto their radar, whether by them seeing your work in their frequently curated categories, or by performing some kind of helpful service for the community, or just by getting a more personal relationship build up through conversation (typically through good comments.)

I wish there was a better answer I could give you on this part, but people are people making them hard to prescribe a certain formula for.

Thanks for responding
I am happy to receive your support

Happy to help where I can :)

I know that
This is a great honor to receive help from you

Upvoted and ReSteemed! Great post! will bookmark.

Thank you! :)

What moonmod said!

Hehe, thank you!
And all hail MOONMOD! :P


Oh my god!!! That is terrific.

@steemitqa this is the brilliant one with the brillant doc from chat the other day. And for the love of gods someone design a steemit document box thingie

Would you please post that brillant piece of work!? And do you mind if I write about it and you???

Hehe, my mind works in strange ways with what references I get.
You're meaning by steemit document box, like being able to mark favorites to get back to later? I would love to see that on here. I've mainly just made a bookmark folder for 'guides' or whatever in my browser.

I will add that the e-steem app by @good-karma has that favorite/bookmark feature available...not sure is @busy.org does. It's been a while since I've been over there.

Which 'brilliant piece of work' was that? the 'whats a witness' one?

And do you mind if I write about it and you???

That's definitely no problem at all, lol. Feel free to let me know if you need anything from me to help :)

thank you. I honestly do no remember the document. I think it was yesterday in the chat room...but honestly any documentation is good documentation. Hit me :)

I'll connect with you in steemit.chat..we can chat and figure things out. :)

Hi @sykochica Do you have to wait 2 minutes between voting on photos or posts to keep the curation reward? I thought I read somewhere that its invalid if you vote more than this. Cheers!

When it comes to curation rewards...it doesn't directly look at how frequent your votes are. However, this voting does effect your voting power which effects the max amount of curation you can get. The only other factors are if you voted before a post was 30 minutes old as well as the order of voting (you get more when you've voted before the bigger/higher $ votes go in.)

Ok. Thanks for your helpful answer :) Can you still make money with curation if your power is 15 SP ? I haven't seem to make anything. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

It is possible to earn some curation at 15 SP but not terribly likely. There is a minimum 'earning' requirement of 0.001 SP on a curation reward where anything less than this is instead a zero (since this is the smallest split possible for steem.) Essentially you'd have to getting your vote in before any big voters, then having the post earn a large amount of $. Also, this all is assuming your vote power % is at or at least near 100%.

Typically (because of this) I recommend for people starting off (with the 15 SP) to focus more just voting for things they like simply because they like or want to support them versus for curation.

Ok makes sense or steem in this case. Thank you for answering in detail :)

when i try to upvoted it said voting weight is too small

what is the minimum of steem power i sould have to be able to vote?

I'm not totally sure (even though I've got 5 sp in my head.) But if you goto the help channel over in steemit.chat they can help out with that.

Great post @sykochica, I bookmarked it for a later read.


Thank you! I know you're ramping up on some other things on the site right now. But these should prove useful eventually. :)

I'm really happy to see you on Steemit now, as well as seeing your latest post doing so well! Congrats! :D

Feel free to ask me questions at any time. I can also always swing by your place again in the future to help out face to face. :)

Hi Corey, looking forward to many more interactions with you that can possibly be beneficial for us both.Have so much to learn but I love learning.Looking forward to our next meet up.

Me too! I love helping out. Feel free to ask my anything in here too, in the mean time.

There is also a site called Steemit Chat where you'll find some people to talk to and a ton of places to promote your posts by copying it's link in the chat.

  ·  5 years ago (edited)

following you, on the advice of @clevercreator !

Thank you! Hope I can be helpful and/or interesting. Lol
Feel free to ask any questions that come to mind.

U.R.O.C.K. ! ;)

Great info!

Thank you! :D

@hansenator read this article. this is why sometimes we won't get paid a lot just because we are the 1st to upvote something. There is a "30 minute penalty" and the sooner you post, you are penalized. You have to weigh other people upvoting it vs. upvoting it yourself too early.

Ok. I will. Thanks! Thank you as well @sykochica! I will follow. - Hansenator

I'm happy to have helped out! I love helping out Steemians.
Feel free to ask about anything you'd like clarified or questions that come to mind.

Thank you!

Thanks for directing hansenator this way!
Feel free to ask any questions that you'd like answered. :)

Thank you :) Will do!

Thank You !!! i was wondering about this topic and its all cleared up now Great post

Thank you!

Thanks for this... Didn't know about the penalty. Learning something new everyday :)

Happy to help out! It's definitely something that isn't always stated loud and clear in places.
Feel free to ask any questions you may have in general (about Steemit, lol)

Thank you for this post. I wrote a seething post this morning on this very topic. Much of my confusion has been answered here. Thank you.

Happy to have helped clear some of how the curation forumla works. That documentation from https://steem.io/getinvolved/paid-to-curate/ is very very old and not fully up to date. At the time it was written, the 30 minute rule hadn't even been thought of (let alone implemented) as well as the change where curators were allotted 25% of the payout instead of 50%. I definitely could use some updating.

Feel free to ask if any other questions (even outside of voting/curation) come to mind. :)

I have been wondering - what happens to rewards after the first 7 day period. Like if someone upvotes a older post or comment I made? Is there a "2nd payout" later?

A little while back there were two payout periods, one after the first 24-36ish hours (it fluctuated depending on activity) and a second 30 days after the first paid out. After this second payout, nobody could vote on these posts anymore.

Now...there is only one payout period, 7 days after posting (technically 7.5 days, with the last 12 hours only allowing downvotes, not upvotes, to deal with people trying to game the system.) Currently, after this single payout period closes, people can still upvote the post, but there are no rewards actually applied to it...so there aren't really any rewards to do anything with. A vote cast like this, after payout closed on a post or comment (while giving no reward) does count as a vote and reduces their voting power.

Did that answer your question?

Yes, thank you!

Nice post, it is refresh my memory how to do curation. :)

Thank you! Happy to help out!
I've been thrilled seeing some of your posts doing really really well! I'm happy for you!

Oh... wow... thank you for always support me.... my smiling and kindness hug from distance for you ! :)

hehe, uber smiles and hugs! :D

ha..ha.. ! :)

Really great piece which answers a lot of questions i still had, and also a few i didn't know i had. Also, great that you take so much time to answer all the individual questions. Upvote and followed!

Thank you! I like helping Steemians out.

Feel free to ask if any questions come to mind. :)

[NOTE: Personally I don't focus on curation rewards, preferring to just vote on what I like, support and/or want to see more of.]

Yup, I've been doing the same thing since the first day. And still doing it in the same way. Maybe that explains why I have not earned a single penny split in half as earnings per curation. ;)

Feel free to ask any other questions you have

After 10 months of wander around here.. ¿What would you say about the pic below?
1.- I am always late finding, reading & voting good money generator posts.
2.- Ned & Dan has been stealing my curation rewards from 10 months ago.
3.- I have not the slightest idea about how this curation thang works.
4.- The three above mixed all together and a few more also.

Because frankly, ¡Look at this picture! after 10, eh? ten months ¿Don't you wanna cry? LoL

I think it's a combo of a couple of things, but neither are on the list you gave. First, your level of steem power is a BIIIG factor that goes in to how your curation rewards are (it's honestly one of the few monetary reasons anymore to hold steem power.) I think it was when I was starting to hit around 500-1000 SP (was a while ago) that I would see a reward for 0.001 SP for curation rewards on some of my votes.

The other piece is that there is a minimum for curation rewards, which is 0.001 SP.

So what I think is happening is that your SP is too low to be able to get them. I might've been possible to get a few of those should you be able to get your vote on at that perfect time on that perfect post that got huuuge.

I know it's probably not the answer you were looking for, but is honestly what I think is going on.

Oh yeah dear @sykochica, your answer is perfectly understandable to me. Sniff-Sob-Sniff.
But nonetheless, I will check Ned & Dan pockets to confirm if they don't hold any of my marked coins in there. }:)

Ok, now seriously. I know my SP is very low now as it has always been, however I remember that months ago, when I was exploring and specifically focused on deciphering how to obtain curation rewards, back in time when you just needed to have barely 500-1000 SP to do so. I could not do it, even though I had the ability to do it well according I had the right amount of SP power to get away with something of that. Since on purpose, I also dedicated my time to follow to the letter of the like how to do it succesfully. But without success at the end.

Now, I know that the algorithms have changed drastically after fork 18 and these days you would need to reach way more Steem Power (around 482.398 Steem Power) to have the level & privileges to gain curation rewards. Aaand ¡Go figure! I'm not even gained access to the vote slider bar yet either. LoL

It's a tough one for me to say too in depth without having been there watching at the time. A huge factor in the last couple of months was the whales voting WAAAY less. Just that alone doubled the curation rewards I was getting prior to that.

Some of it has to do with time frame. But it ends up being something that needs to be played with, especially while holding some SP. There are multiple factors right now that allow for better curation rewards compared to before like the fewer whale votes and the share price going WAAAY up. When steem was at 7 cents, there just weren't that many rewards to pay out.

Sorry I can't give specifics on this for you. The best I can offer is to try to build up your SP again and I can follow along this time to see what might be going on.

Right now the slider bar shows up once you have 482.426 or more SP.

Thanks for your post . it is informative

You're very welcome!
Ask free to ask any Steemit questions that come to mind. I'm here to help.

Thanks for being very helpful. I have few doubts which I will ask later.

Absolutely! No worries..I'll be around to answer those doubts whenever. :)

Thank You for this easy to understand explanation, I have followed you. On resteeming , Is this done just to bring it to the attention of someone else's followers? Resteemed

You're very welcome!
Resteeming is just what you said...putting someone else's post onto your blog (which also sends it to your follower's feeds) to get attention to that other persons post. There is not monetary change that goes along with that...they get paid for their post.

You will never truly find yourself , until you lose yourself in service to others. Is that not what Steemit is about? As I recall that quote was from Helen Steiner-Rice.

Hi @skykochica, I've noticed that you cannot vote after the 6th day follow the day of the post when payout is due in the next 24 hours. Why is this to allow the algorithm to calculate the final payout prior to paying out or isit for some other reason?

I believe that posts prevent upvotes during the final 12 hours before payout. However, it can receive flags/downvotes over this period. The reasoning is to give a change to correct things by people 'gaming the system' by giving big upvotes right before a payout, which once it does, nothing could be done.

An example of this would be a whale making and upvoting 100 comments at $25 each right before the payout...draining the reward pool. Basically it's a safety new period to deal with 'exploitation' votes.

Hi @skyochica, thanks for your reply. I guess the pool can be gamed by voting on the 6th day before the shut out period but since there is a period in which the post can be downvoted/flagged this will "limit" this activity.

With the community being so big there is a huge number of votes and comment being processed everyday. Who or what watches for these activities or does it rely on the individual's behavior in the community?

The concern is really more around larger Steem Power holders doing stuff like this. Giving some pennies isn't so much worth the time to monitor.

While there really isn't a formal group to monitor this...typically the bigger SP holders watch each other. Having a lower number of whales makes it a little less daunting task.

The success of Steemit basically relies on the integrity of its users and backed by Trust. No integrity and no trust then the platform will collapse.

Ehh...yes and no. The original foundation of the site was within anarcho-capitalism. So there is a core value of letting people do what they want.

However, because we can't always expect integrity and trust from everybody, people police eachother. While someone may get away with something here and there...large and/or widespread 'gaming the system' get noticed and dealt with by the userbase itself.

I would put it more that if the platforms userbase doesn't monitor itself, it could collapse. Around here...one's reputation really is a biiig deal.

Thanks @skyochica.

Anytime :)

Hi Sykochica hopefully last question ;-) The 40 vote rule per day if i vote up and comment is it 2 or has comments got its own count per 24 hours ?

If you vote on a post and a comment in that post, it does count as 2 votes. There is no separation there. What had been discussed in the past was solely the split of the reward pools between posts and comments. (I can't remember if that had gone through or not...I'll have to look that up.)

Thank you !

these types of guides need to be posted more often

we have a lot of new folks; the nature of Steemit pushes posts off the page fairly quickly; and sometimes the way Steemit works changes