Why 60 seconds per minute?

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One thing I have known since I was young
60 seconds is 1 minute
60 minutes is 1 hour.

Why 60?
Why not 100? And so on
I think you have thought about it.

When a thinking student asks ..
How would you answer?

This calculation system is based on 60
(3500 BC)
The Sumerians have been around since
This is the system used.

Circles and triangles are shapes that can be calculated by 60.
This system is called by the Babylonians
Continued practice
In mathematics and astronomy
Were used.

The method based on 60 is called sexagesimal.
In ancient times, day and night
Sun Look at the stars
It was calculated.

The ancient Egyptians set day and night as 24 hours.
Looking at the shadow of the clock
Set as 10 hours a day
1 o'clock in the morning Added before and after 1 p.m.
At night I looked at the stars
It is set as 12 hours.

A total of 24 hours. These are the numbers that can be divided by sexagesimal (6).

The Greek astronomer Hipparchus first defined 60 seconds as 1 minute
Dividing one hour into 60 parts by sexagesimal arithmetic is called the "Prime Minute".

From that small minute became minutes.
Dividing the Prime Minute by another 60 results in a second part, called a "second minute."
From that second second to seconds. (There are also Third Minute and Fourth Minute.)

The clock we use.
1656 - Dutch astronaut
It was invented by Christiaan Huygens.
But he used a pendulum clock.

Later on, it was his watch design
It has been widely used in various forms around the world.

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