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Title:The next time someone tries to tell you that Bitcoin has no fundamental value...

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@simonjay Daily Steem Price Update 27/5/20221.383.10755.58%2022-05-27
@milaoz Pear Blossom0.0950.11718.8%2022-05-27
@boddhisattva Beach silhouettes3.6563.9357.09%2022-05-27
@progressivechef CLUB75 - THE DIARY GAME 27.05.2022 - Happy Weekend Steemit! Took a day off for a family gathering and celebrated the birthday of my youngest sister!!!0.27423.18298.82%2022-05-27
@halo Daisy0.0064.45999.87%2022-05-27
@truth-revelation இருக்கிறேன்0.3550.3683.53%2022-05-27
@mamun123456 English PubG Mobile : 😄 Happy stream - Playing Squad - Streaming with Turnip0.0170.33494.91%2022-05-27
@cryptopie War, War Is Stupid And Some People Like Putin Is Stupid And Love Means Nothing To This Strange Person12.51114.34612.79%2022-05-27
@halo MonoChrome Flower0.0395.04599.23%2022-05-27
@haejin DXY Index0.38519.18997.99%2022-05-27
@x22report Durham Has The [DS] Players, Elite’s Panic, Nobody Escapes This - Ep. 2785b0.0450.99695.48%2022-05-27
@cjsdns 새 바람이 불고 있다.184.821190.1842.82%2022-05-27
@boddhisattva Lakhta center sunset view1.25525.7895.13%2022-05-27
@yadamaniart ミロ展(愛知県美術館) の感想 - My Actifit Report Card: May 27 20220.020.03745.95%2022-05-27
@ace108 📷Dumping noodle with a gripe + Video - 吃完鱼圆面有点不安 + 视频😎(by @ace108)0.0610.33481.74%2022-05-27
@maarnio Crypto Contest May 27: VisionGame0.0260.96597.31%2022-05-27
@irawandedy #solarsteem25pc - Fundraising For Solar Energy Projects0.63131.51898%2022-05-27
@milaoz Apple Branches in the Sun0.2150.24913.65%2022-05-27
@bigram13 Dallas Needs a win33.12233.9982.58%2022-05-27
@lightsplasher My Actifit Report Card: May 26 202200.188100%2022-05-27
@happyworkingmom 오랜만의 🏕 - 곡성 꿈꾸는 캠핑장11.65714.88221.67%2022-05-27
@leemikyung 바람이 분다 불어 ~~49.76751.7083.75%2022-05-27
@lichtblick Awesome Food ON The Steem Blockchain " Delicious Strawberry Tartletts "11.26212.2988.42%2022-05-27
@truth-revelation செய்கிறேன்0.0020.43399.54%2022-05-27
@senstless First large mouth bass in years0.481.27162.23%2022-05-27
@yangyang My dessert on the Street0.9220.9412.02%2022-05-27
@truth-revelation டெக்சாஸில்0.3850.43.75%2022-05-27
@tworld 상대적&절대적, "언젠가는 등반 하자 .. 제주도 한라산"2.1682.2694.45%2022-05-27
@jrcornel Bitcoin is due for a couple weeks of green...32.73638.33314.6%2022-05-27
@denmarkguy When "Improvements" Actually Slow You Down0.1854.25895.66%2022-05-27
@neojew 2022/05/27(금) 한국돈의 가치상승?0.5840.90535.47%2022-05-27
@x22report Russia Is Thinking About Making The First Move, Reset Coming, It’s Not What You Think - Ep. 2785a0.0441.03595.75%2022-05-27

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