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Title:I hope that I can be able to whistle again

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Vote History

AuthorTitleSBD When VotingCurrent SBDGrowth RateTime
@x22report The [DS] Lost Narrative & Power, Patriots Ready To Move The Next Chess Piece - Ep. 27840.0520.98294.7%2022-05-26
@truth-revelation ஆனது0.4240.405-4.69%2022-05-26
@alol daun sirih dan manfaatnya1.5551.94520.05%2022-05-26
@halo Fly's Eyes0.0064.37899.86%2022-05-26
@truth-revelation வுன்டவுன்0.3870.37-4.59%2022-05-26
@boddhisattva Small town contrasts3.7135.34930.59%2022-05-26
@leylar The Best Photo of The Week: Butterfly0.0680.2167.62%2022-05-26
@maarnio Crypto Contest May 26: XYO0.1380.85183.78%2022-05-26
@leemikyung 고양이 🐈‍⬛ ~51.10849.394-3.47%2022-05-26
@neojew 2022/05/26(목) 기준금리 인상0.6090.8225.73%2022-05-26
@yangyang Guangdong Food0.9450.91-3.85%2022-05-26
@mamun123456 Traditional beliefs0.0170.29994.31%2022-05-26
@simonjay Daily Steem Price Update 26/5/20220.5331.81570.63%2022-05-26
@milaoz Dark purple Lilac0.02824.24699.88%2022-05-26
@truth-revelation he didn't0.3610.353-2.27%2022-05-26
@progressivechef Steemit Iron Chef -- MENÚ DU JOUR -- Gastronomic Photographic Challenge -- Strawberry Guavas and Acaï Bowl...0.2254.34794.82%2022-05-26
@playfulfoodie We'll allow guns for mass shootings and repopulate by banning abortions0.030.50794.08%2022-05-26
@irawandedy STEEM Investing Contest 31st Edition - 25% Reward for Charity Program0.11920.0999.41%2022-05-26
@catwomanteresa 香麻夠味的肯德基青花驕聯名商品(一)0.2750.32114.33%2022-05-26
@halo Red and Yellow Flower0.0064.87599.88%2022-05-26
@bxt 清热解毒,苦瓜酿香蕉0.230.226-1.77%2022-05-26
@milaoz Lilac Buds0.00115.56899.99%2022-05-26
@boddhisattva Sea sunset1.311.4449.28%2022-05-26
@happyworkingmom 당신 덕분에 감사해요~♡12.215.05918.99%2022-05-26
@cryptopie Music Soothes The Savage Beast Which Is Why We Needed Music You Devils11.9212.9467.93%2022-05-26
@bigram13 Where is gas stopping.34.47933.189-3.89%2022-05-26
@halo Slug0.0064.64299.87%2022-05-26
@brian.rrr Nice Gift4.2485.51222.93%2022-05-26
@senstless Another Epic Gladius Card0.5721.32356.76%2022-05-26
@gooddream Weekly meme dump!0.29826.72498.88%2022-05-26
@haejin XMR0.05620.82999.73%2022-05-26
@ace108 📷Where to get 50 cents coffee for now?+ Video - 现在哪里可以买到五毛钱的咖啡?+ 视频😎(by @ace108)0.0460.50690.91%2022-05-26
@truth-revelation இரண்டு0.3950.386-2.33%2022-05-26
@x22report The Economy Is Falling Apart, & There Is Another Ticking Time Bomb - Ep. 2784a0.0421.00395.81%2022-05-26
@progressivechef CLUB 75 - #learnwithsteem : ACAI BOWL without Acaï at home - Let me show you our first ACAI Bowl that I created earlier today!0.3745.03992.58%2022-05-26
@haejin AVAX0.00515.09299.97%2022-05-26
@cjsdns 재기할까?192.643185.26-3.99%2022-05-26

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