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With just 4 days until the next #SPUD4STEEM we now have a main prize pool of 32,000SP thanks a new sponsor, this means 4th place has been increased to 3500sp which is great!


New Sponsor

There are a handful of users that have been have been with me on this #SPUD4STEEM journey over the past 19 odd months and this young lady is one of them 😻

500SP @tocho2


Thank you so much for becoming a sponsor and being a supporter of #SPUD4STEEM

But wait there is more...

Early Christmas presents 🎁🎁🎁

For the December 1st #SPUD4STEEM the very generous @xpilar team is providing 3 x extra delegations like they did last December!

6th place 500SP @xpilar

7th place 500SP @hingsten

8th place 500SP @bippe

Ask yourself this question - will you be a #SPUD4STEEM December winner?


SPUD4STEEM Guidelines 👀

Here are our Guidelines to qualify for the 5 Prizes plus the 3 x Christmas presents 🎁🎁🎁


It's really important people read and understand these rules, i have seen a few accounts miss out on prizes for not making posts before the 1st of the month - see # 4

These #SPUD4STEEM Sponsors know the importance of Powering up Steem - be like them and power up!


Lets finish the year by building our wallets

I am @kiwiscanfly


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32K WOW very impressive you spud farmer :)

mmm spuds

I am very happy to belong to this prestigious group of sponsors in the Spud4steem

Smudge approves 🐈

Hellooooo Mr. Smudge Cat..!

Excelentes premios para finalizar el año, vamos a encender la plataforma el 1ro de diciembre 😉 🚀🔥🔥🔥🔥

I agree perfect way to end the year 🐔

Have a good day :)

Greetings friend @kiwiscanfly

In this edition we will set record of ignition, I'm sure many users will save an excellent batch of Steem to join the #Spud4Steem in December.

Hello 🙋‍♂️
Lets go #SPUD4STEEM 🥔

December promises to be interesting😎

Muy motivantes premios, espero participar por primera vez

Good to hear you will enter #SPUD4STEEM, please follow these guidelines

Have a good day from me here in NZ

Wow, that's impressive, now the total prize pool is 32K. December 1st will be a great day.
Thanks You to @tocho2 for joining as a Sponsor on #spud4steem.

Thanks a lot @tucsond friend..!

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Demasiado genial será este próxima edición, muchas gracias a todas las personas que están patrocinando esta gran competencia.

Saludos Cordiales.

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