Does this mean I'm a whale now?

in spt •  3 years ago 


I haven't seen anyone post about it for a while, but I remember seeing some posts about how many tokens you need to have staked on different platforms to be a whale, and it was around 50,000 SPT for Splintertalk. I've reached and surpassed that now. It was easy to do once I learned just how worthless the tokens actually are. I was trying to earn them all, and then I was like "oh shit, you can just buy 20,000 of them for like $5." 😂

Now I get like 100 of them a day or so just from curation, which is cool. I follow a couple of good trails, and then I just come in and randomly find some posts to upvote as well.

I'm down to very few cards left, including an Archmage Arius that still hasn't sold. The price on that mofo seems to fluctuate quite a bit. For a while, I was hoping to get like $1100 for it, but now it's up for only $650. I got it for almost free, so I suppose I'd still be good with getting that for it. I've got some potions still, even though I've given up playing the game (and all games) because I still want to try to get one of those Prince Julian cards.

My rewards a couple of times have been legendary and alchemy potions, which I didn't think I'd use, but then sometimes the rewards are packs, so I do get to use them. I got a quest potion that I don't think I'll ever be able to use, unless the season rewards use that. I still have 12 cards coming at the end of the season, whenever that is. Oh shit, I just looked... it's in 6 hours! ha. I have no stress about that at all now. Pretty cool. I'll be fast asleep when the season is over.

Then I suppose I'll probably be in the bronze league after that and could maybe finish a quest and use up the potion just for the hell of it. I'll always have the starter pack cards even after all of my cards have sold, I suppose.

If I haven't mentioned it before, you can follow me at @sharkthelion to see what else I'm up to since I quit playing video games. 🤓

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