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Ever read that short story, “The Mist,” by Stephen King? I know they made a movie about it, but I read it long before the movie and it had stuck with me. Growing up here, enjoying horror books as a kid, I’m pretty sure I traumatized myself at some point 😂

I read “The Raft” around that time too, another short story he wrote, wherein a weird black blob is in the lake and teenagers get stuck out on a raft in the water, death awaiting anyone who dares go back in the water.

We have a wooden raft in this pond every summer, and have always had one, since I was a kid, so I automatically picture both those books as happening here in this place.

I guess I always had a bit of an kind obscure taste in books. I started reading fairly well before I started school, so like age 4 or 5. I started on thick, adult horror books around 9 or 10 years old. Before that, I was often dragging around huge science or nature text books. Learning about sun spots, geology, the Black Plague or some kind of rare animal.

These days I don’t get much time to read for enjoyment or relaxation. It’s generally hard core studying when I do get the chance, and the name of the game these days is Herbal Medicine.🌱

I did go through a crazy and obsessive romance novel phase in my mid twenties, consuming that crap like a vampire, it was great, but we won’t be talking about that. 😂

Reading about herbal medicine is fascinating, I’m enjoying learning so much from the books I have. I had a general knowledge of which herbs are valuable and beneficial, but really accurately recalling from memory what herb is good for what ailment is my main goal.

Many herbs I’m learning about are found all around us, while others, that may be widely used, are mainly grown in just a couple small places in the world.

I’m really excited to start my most favourite herbs here this year. I already have seeds to grow calendula, chamomile, spearmint, two types of toothache plant, violets, St. John’s wort and echinacea.

I plan to add in valerian, tulsi, lemon balm, and mullein, but the list of wants will no doubt keep growing.
And this is all in addition to the many food herbs, like turmeric, oregano, rosemary, thyme, ginger, parsley, savoury, etc etc ...


I started my shoots tray!

Pouring me up some dirt!! 🙂

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So here I have some old pea seeds from a few years ago, and on top of them I sprinkled a liberal amount of....... well... something...

Ok, sounds bad, but they look like either broccoli or kale, definitely something in that family of plants!! The bag said “K . C,” but not in my writing, so I’m thinking kale?
I’ve been gifted seeds from friends countless times and have given away more than I can remember, so I honestly can’t recall where they came from.

Maybe they’re from my own garden, just not collected or bagged by me, who the hell knows. I guess I’ll find out in a week or two what they are! I’m excited either way, and anything brassica is delish in my books.

Yum! 😋
Can’t wait!

I finally started my puffin! I’ve got a little further with it since this pic, I think it’s gonna be super cute and colourful! Can’t wait to show you the completed piece!


Puffins are such cool birds, kind of like Turr (aka common murre) and almost penguin looking at times, and with those amazing orange beaks, they’re a beautiful sight to see. They’re good divers, if you’re in a boat in the ocean, you generally don’t get too close to them before they dive under and out of sight.

I feel very thankful to have grown up in a place with such interesting and abundant wildlife.

I’ll say it again, SO HAPPY TO BE HOME.


My running joke is “yea..... I did time in Edmonton, 16 long years”
“Oh, you were in jail??”
“No, I just lived there.”


I may have moved, but I still get to feed the birds!


I have a huge flock of juncos that come daily, about 20-30 of them. Plus Gray Jays that will take bread from my hands, and the real noisemakers are the Blue Jays!


Always shouting at me for more food! They fill their throats and come right back for more. They must have some hallow tree in the forest absolutely filled with seeds by now! Perhaps I’ll find some surprise sunflowers in the forest this summer!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this view into the homestead!
And I hope your week has been fantastic!

Here’s some memes for the day:





Knotilus daily pond is a series of photos of the pond near my home, some bloggery about the homestead and the creations, it’s then finished off with some choice memes.

Some days here are breathtaking, others will be gray and dull, I’m happy to share the different looks of the pond all year long 🙂


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