The Spotify algo is useless.

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YouTube has noticed some pop/rock music I like, but is not able to extrapolate through neural network affinity database either. My favorite non-genre is contemporary avant-garde music extending from the Classical tradition, using traditional orchestral instruments to make novel sounds in novel scales with novel rhythms, melodies, and harmonies. It ranges from the "New Complexity" movement to piano epics (solo works over 2 hours long) to Spectralism and drone music, but all together represents less than 1% of Classical music, which in turn is less than 1% of the music business.

I worked with the world's leading experimental music salon (killed by COVID) for 7 years producing and recording this music. I have a catalog as deep as a record label (750 albums), a lot of it pieces that were only played once and never released. I can stump Shazam a hundred times in a row! We were able to defend our non-payment of ASCAP royalties by documenting that there were no ASCAP tracks played there ever, in 8 or more sets a week over that time.

In that run there were less than 100 music fans attending who were not musicians, composers, family, friends, record label or music venue employees - out of 8 million people in NYC. YouTube and Spotify are why nobody is interested in New Music live. This is a vicious circle.

Spotify payouts are absurd for any but the most popular artists, but the stockholders have reaped billions for further homogenizing the music both in terms of content and in degrading the sound quality. The algorithm pushes popularity, so the biggest trend following acts get increasing returns at the expense of the innovators.

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