More secrets of the NFL !!!

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A little more than two weeks ago, I wrote a post about some of the secrets of the NFL. It touched on the league knowing about the Ray Rice incident, cancer drive fraud, and the NFL waiting far too long to address the concussion controversy. However, recently I found a few more occurrences that the NFL seems to not want to bring much attention to. Though I am a loyal fan of the NFL, I also believe a corporation as large as they are should be as transparent as possible which does not seem to be the case. They have millions of fans that are willing to spend their time and money to support them so it bothers me when they keep quiet about issues that affect the fans. I think it is fair that if a lot of these players in the league get called out for their wrongdoings, then the NFL should also be held accountable for their actions. The NFL is run by some of the most powerful people in sports. You don't get to be in that position without doing some things that are questionable. With that being said, let us look at a few more secrets of the NFL.


Black out restrictions
If you're waiting to watch your favorite team play, there is nothing more disappointing then finding out you will be met with what is known as a blackout. This is done in many sports other than football usually to make sure local broadcasters are protected from other stations that may be out of market. However, the NFL does this for a few other reasons and in my opinion, it is frustrating and selfish. It basically all comes down to what the league believes is beneficial to them and what will ultimately make them money. They do not want to air games with less than a full stadium. One of their ways of handling that is to blackout a game within a radius of 75 miles. If the game cannot be sold out within 72 hours of kickoff, the game will not air locally. It's that simple. It's another way of punishing the fans that already can't afford to attend the way too expensive games in person.


The NFL's attempt to push for 18 games
The league has long been battling its fight for an extra two regular season games rather than the traditional 16 and many players and fans are disagreeing. Even some former players are saying it's wrong and most of the current NFL players can hardly manage to play through the current 16 games, let alone an extra two. The NFL Player's Association has already said no to this proposal, citing there are already too many injuries in the number of games played now, but that's not stopping the NFL. Commissioner Roger Goodell has said he would favor replacing two preseason games for regular season games. However, the problem with that is with preseason games, you don't have starters playing that are risking injury. It is purely a monetary gain. Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, is someone pushing the hardest for this as it would add more money to his already fat pockets. It wouldn't surprise me if they somehow got this passed because after all, the league is known for putting their bank accounts before the health of their players.


It is nearly impossible to ever attend a Super Bowl
I'm sure there are some people in the general public that you can maybe find that have been to a Super Bowl, but try asking them what they paid to go see it. As a matter of fact, the NFL has made it nearly impossible for the average person to ever attend the Super Bowl. This shouldn't come as a surprise to many of us that pay ridiculous amounts of money to attend regular season games, let alone the Super Bowl. However, it is a bit more complicated than just the price. At least 80% of Super Bowl tickets are sold to corporate sponsors. The tickets that don't go to their sponsors are given to teams playing in the game as well as the team hosting the game. Then another percentage goes to other teams that are not playing in the Super Bowl. That leaves hardly any tickets remaining for the fans. If you somehow manage to find some, expect to pay thousands of dollars which is usually why there are more celebrities going rather than your average joe. Not a great way to give back to the people who support you throughout the season.


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i lived in Chicago for years and never went to a Bears game. This is because of the ludicrous prices being charged (like you mentioned.) I get it, it is supply and demand and I am all for that, but the blackout you mention is artificial supply/demand and again, it is totally up to them if they want to do that. I would imagine that with the internet resources we have available today that this doesn't impact nearly as many people as it used to but I know lots of people that have loads of apps and technology but no idea how to use it. So there's that. :)

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