Soon it is time for the Winter Olympics!

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I love sports and the Winter Olympics has always been one of my favorite sports events. It has never been as awesome as the FIFA World Cup, but it has been very close, and I have always preferred the Winter Olympics to the Summer Olympics. But, life has changed in the last couple of years, and COVID has also made some big changes. The changes have actually been so big, that I almost forgot about the fact that there even is a Winter Olympics coming up in less than a month. How is that even possible? The biggest sports event in 2022 almost passed by without me even noticing.

Luckily, I discovered in time, meaning that I could also create my article dealing with how and where you can stream the Winter Olympics 2022 online. It isn't very interesting, but if you are looking for a way to stream the different competitions online, that article will help you access the live streams from TV networks such as NPO in the Netherlands, BBC in the UK, and the German TV channels ARD and ZDF.

I guess the interest for the Winter Olympics is very limited, mostly because most nations do not even have athletes competing. And somehow, Winter Sports can get quite boring. Do you know why?

Why the Winter Olympics is getting boring at times?

Have you ever watched a Nordic Skiing competition? Have you seen any competition recently? It can, at times, get extremely boring, because it feels like a national championship for Norwegians... It might be interesting to find out which of the Norwegian athletes will win, but it doesn't have the nerve that you dream of in a big competition such as this one.

But, even more boring is it if you go to one of the ice skating arenas. This is like a Dutch championship in which the Dutch athletes end up at the first 5 spots, maybe followed by a Norwegian coming in as number six.

Somehow, the Winter Olympics has turned into an easy predictable competition, at times, and it is making it less and less interesting when the nerve disappears and one country just totally controls the different distances and competitions.

Hopefully, we will get some nerve during the Winter Olympics in 2022 no matter what, and I will do my best to stream quite a lot of the events. Until then, I guess I will hope that my crypto will generate lots of passive income, meaning that I will have more time to enjoy life and simply stream the events during the Beijing Winter Olympics, instead of sitting by the computer and work!

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