🏈Primetime Sports: NFL Weekly Contest – Week #14 Players Are Locked in. Good Luck!!! 🏈

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Times are tough in the crypto world which includes Steem. This is not our first price crash on this platform and we don't imagine it will be the last. We try our best to keep interaction with the Steem blockchain and others going during the creation of a new market. There will be ups and downs, just like in sports.

Now is the best time to accumulate as many tokens and not try to focus on the $ value. There will be only 21 Million Bitcoins and since Steem like every other alt-coin is revolved around it, for now, it is time to stack as many coins whether it be BTC, STEEM, or others that have viable use cases, and have the ability to be self-sustaining with the benefit to generate businesses, services, and entertainment.

With that said... Let's play some football!!!

Week #14 is locked and ready for Sunday. We have 24 players this week.

As a constant reminder, remember to double check your picks. We try our best to let you all know if you are missing a game or the tie-breaker answer but you won't have to worry if you do your double checks.

WEEK #14 Players

Week #14 Player's Picks

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@primetimesports is a weekly contest where players get a chance to win STEEM/SBD!!!

To find out how it works and how to play, you can check out our weekly contest post below:


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