Well screw you too!

in splinterlands •  3 years ago  (edited)

Screen Shot 20191219 at 2.49.13 PM.png

437 eligible packs and 0 cards.

That's okay, I guess. Better luck next time.

I would've just sold it, anyway.

Yes, I know this is a shitpost. Any rewards will go to Steem development, not to me.

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What!? 437 packs and not 1 that is crazy!!! Sorry :(

It's okay, it happens. The last time, there were people in the Discord who got 0 with far more packs.

Hey Shark! I would love to buy your Lightning Dragon. Can you be found on Discord? I also had bad luck with the airdrop. Maybe next time.

No, I'm not on Discord anymore. I'm listing all of my cards via Peakmonsters and would prefer to just sell them through the market rather than through private deals. I'm going to be pretty hands-off with it all in general in the coming weeks.


  ·  3 years ago (edited)

I'm sick of the whole payment system. First you have to get Bitcoin, change it with a fee in Steem, then maybe another fee for DEC. If you then get a card with SBD you have another 20-30% exchange fee. -.-

Paid 2.395 SBD for 12.197 STEEM -> scam

I am happy to pay a fee to Steemmonsters if I do not have to pay fees several times beforehand. As long as there is no direct payment option for the marketplace, I will not invest another cent there.

That's definitely understandable. I'm just not really interested in doing it any other way at the moment. Sorry!

Hi. What happened, will you stop playing?

Yep! Selling all of my cards.

Still trying for a Julian even though I'm done. ha.

Got this instead.

Basically worthless.

Screen Shot 20191221 at 5.59.59 AM.png