Silver Gold Knights Decree Season 76 Updates Please Update To The Barracks!

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Welcome all members of the Silver Gold Knights Guild, we now have our very own discord setup by @senstless and @monsterjamgold and encourage any members to join.

Kicking Off a New season

As we kick off the season number 76, please remember donations are due for those accounts below 20k Lifetime donations. This number is just in place while we understand the landscape of earnings after Chaos is released.



Please make sure you are selecting Frays you have a good chance at winning. While we would all like to play, it helps the guild grow faster if we can place higher. I hope you all enjoyed the most recent 2nd place finish. I don't know about you but I wasted no time buying and opening my new Gladius Case... Hope you all do better than I did!! I can't wait to use these cards in battle!

Guild Rule(s)

  1. All accounts will be required to donate if lifetime donation levels are under 20k.
  2. If an account joins a Brawl Fray, and does not submit a team it will be considered a strike. Classic 3 strikes and your are out will apply and you will lose membership to the guild.
  3. TBD

Since we are all in this together, we need to do out best in brawls. This will help everyone get more benefit from the guild. We are trying to balance the fact life happens, and fairness to the other guild members trying to place high in the fray. I hope it never comes to this, but given some of the issues I have seen with bad feeling in the SL server, we decided to add it as a guild rule. We will add other rules as we see them necessary and continue to grow.


Current Members



This list will be checked in 3 days and members who have not donated. I will post to both steem and hive trying to tag everyone. Those who choose not to contact prior or donate will be will be removed.

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Whats the use of donating? Is it good for both guild and player?

Of course -donating to the buildings increases their levels and gives more benefits, Bigger bonuses, discounts and unlocks more features!

That definitely puts a better light on donations.