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🤣 ON IT! One neglected family coming up!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

lol. ah they will get used to it

I play while feeding babies. Zero guilt.
A feed takes about the same time as as easy daily quest.
Just made Diamond I for the first time.

hahaha, congrats! Think i'll stick around in diamond for awhile - maybe a few years / decades. Prob see you there:)


Surprisingly addictive isn't it?

Sometimes the daily quests take me over an hour - hopefully this will not be looked back on as a total time sink!

As long as you can sell dem reward cards for a nickel, you gettin paid bro!

Damn right, and don't forget the DEC coming in each game too. Which reminds me, i need to get on it :)

yep! So what is the easiest / quickest time of day to play? wheres the weak player timeslot?

I find early afternoon our time is the sweet spot.

ah, i think i have noticed that also. As long as your not playing at the same time, i should be ok then :)

I didn't make Champion at all this time around. Going to have to change my avatar until I earn it back. Top effort, btw.

matt my son Joshua has been playing on @jobere account and i have now set him up with his own account @joshuam. can he join the guild? . i would transfer 40k of dec today to league

he is 7 and between the two of us we placed 3rd in our first tournament ever yesterday lol

Absolutely he can. Have him apply and I'll approve it :)



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No idea, there are lots of bots going 24/7.

I only play a small time slot due to work and sleep and the biggest factor for me is which splinter is in play for the daily quest.

I think my mana is at 100% and it’ll be 12 hours before I get another game in 🙈

Slowly following that plan! 😂 But still haven't made it past diamond I. Hoping that changes in the near future!

lol, gets harder and harder. wish you luck :)

Oh congrats! Good timing! You definitely spent some coin!

From here you'll start pulling 4500 players and get slaughtered like me. :-)

lol, i cant wait. I didn't realize how tough it can be. Thought i could bully my way to victory, but nope!

My main motivation was not to fall back to gold, kinda like diamond :)

When you figure out the secret sauce to get into Champ II, let me know! lol

I know what you mean about addicting! Between SteemMonsters and BROsino poker tournaments - I don't know how I find time to eat, lol. Getting started and learning all these monsters and magics and melees is driving me crazy. Can't afford to buy a shit load of cards so I'm grinding away and hoping for some decent cards in a few hours!

Haven't played BRosino, not sure it would be a good move, wife's already screaming / singing - what about me it isn't

keep up the grind :)

I bought cards when they came out but never played. I don't know if I have the mental bandwidth to get involved. Ive never played a game like this.

it's like eating corn chips. You can do without but once you start............ :)

I better not then lol. I need to learn what to do with the cards.

Sounds about right to me .. LOL!

haha, too busy trying to make champion again to respond you you properly :)


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hahaha I've realized that you really like that game, hahaha
One day I will ask you to explain to me how to play...

lol. only started playing it a few months back. figured i needed to be part of it ;) also want to play that🙂

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Splinterland is additive and I keep on playing for hours. Daily quest is fun but takes hours of time to complete 5 win.

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need more time in the day, or a bot to play for us:)

That's one way to do it😁👍

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Yep! probably not the smartest :)

Whatever works😁

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How did you do it with Untamed cards I don't know. Just got in Diamond II, but good to know I can kick your arse with my deck hehe....

lol, naw i have more then untaimed in my deck. not telling you though :)


lol I was doing this for months until I realised it was affecting my time with the family. So decided to delegate out my cards and occasionally play with some low level cards instead.

yeah might do that or just get the rest of my family involved :). Already giving my son cards to play with on an alt account

Welcome back sir I am happy to seeing you are again later 😊

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thanks, nice to post something from time to time

Good😇 post friends 👍

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I'm grateful to be here with you in this community, and I hope we'll always be helpful.
And we support each other with love and appreciation.

yo dude! :) just wanted to thank you for ur good curation (is it manually? - I guess so^^)

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

your welcome. yep all manual since last hardfork

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