Splinterlands - Filter edition cards in battle proposal

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With so many cards rushing in into the Splinterlands, managing them can become quite a headache when making the formations on the battlefield. While there are some filtering added, I think that one that would be a must is to be able to filter also the edition cards.


I am a fan of the initial cards and mostly I have build my armies around the Betas. I have bought also Untamed cards, but those are still at low levels and I don't use them in the battles. So it would help me to be able to hide them when I go to battle as there are quite so many to pick up and sometimes I do mistakes. So if you want to support this proposal, I think it would be a neat feature in the game that will help us today and in the future!


Filtering is quite great and we can make use of our best options in less time in order to get faster on the battlefield. While having formations ready to go I don't believe it to be the right way as it will take the planning out of the battle, being able to work around a big army and pick up the best monsters for the given conditions is the right way to do it. Thus, let's try to filter out the noise and as the silence take place, it is only to announce a great battle!


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yep! i'm trying to play with just untamed.

Right on that and probably there is more to come and better to be prepared rather than make it harder to play!

I agree there could be more filtering options. The one's you've suggested would be useful for sure. I would love to just be able to hide any cards I don't have at max level and stuff like that as well.

What I do like is the new number filtering. If I'm working with only, say, 4 mana left to fill, it's nice to be able to look at just the cards with mana costs of 1-4.

What I would like to see for these number filters is a "clear all" button.

Indeed more filters will be welcomed and also a bulk action as you suggested. And considering that there is still free space on the toolbar, I think this would be easy enough to do.

Yep! I completely agree that would be a useful addon.
We talked about it on Discord before, so there are definitely more people who would like to see this implemented

Yes I support the idea, i'm also confused and complicated myself with so many cards to choose.

Nice Splinterlands post! Good job!

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