Spam, Comment and Post Farming Report - January 7, 2019

in spaminator •  3 years ago 


radhamn10comment farm
numlock8comment farm
bdbs2bangla dlike farm
gooddeal2daily vote farm
inferisgr2dlike spam random
anreview1glitterfart ico
bharatgar85111dlike spam random
bmsc1bangla dlike farm
forcryptos1daily vote farm
lovetouch1bangla dlike farm 2
mediaservice1bangla dlike farm
minnowpond1post farm
mobileothers1bangla dlike farm

*No group listed indicates the flags related to phishing or have been removed.

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Why are you down voting, and leaving no reason.

This was dealt with a few days ago. Problem is resolved.

What the fuck spam? You're an idiot? I create video content! These are my videos! And I made them! Idiots, you just killing steemit. Greedy bastards!

Yup, this account is doing the same to me. These bots are getting ridiculous.

Hi @mes, you were add to the blacklist for comment farming.


And many more.

You were also doing it to year old posts:

And more.

You can be removed if you stop doing this.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Thanks for the clarification @spaminator. I believe you have been mistaken. I was adding a "Pinned Comment" with links to the video notes as I have done with every video I have ever done on YouTube, BitTube, and BitChute. I didn't know that was a problem, so I have stopped doing that on DTube/Steemit.

I have removed you from the blacklist. The comments are not an issue it's the self voting of them on your own posts that is considered farming.

So if you want to go back to an old post and comment about it being updated that is fine. But please don't upvote it, or decline rewards at the very least.

Thanks for your quick response!

Alright thanks! I was upvoting it to ensure it was the top comment (hence "pinned"). I will stop upvoting or decline rewards depending on the circumstances. Cheers!

A pinned feature would be a cool thing for Steemit and the other frontends to add. 😊

Yup! @Steemit get on it!

Вопрос??? И как вы С ним собираетесь бороться??? Извините, что пишу по Русски. Переводчик на Google Работает,как не надо. Спасибо за ответ.

Я не уверен. Я буду сообщать им еженедельно, пока это не будет решено!

This account does not even care to respond any comment. Looks like Steemit Inc. delegated to this account. For what???

Spam Prevention or doing spamming???
They are after little guys, they don't even dare to go after big guys who are abusing this platform.

Hi @dsharevibes

It looks like you were added for spamming dlike, but I don't see it being abused so I have removed you from the blacklist.

Sorry about this whole ordeal.

People are moving from centralized platforms to the decentralized platforms like Steemit because here they have the freedom to express themselves the way they want. And there are no restrictions as long as no one gets hurt.

Thank you @spaminator for your reply and removing me from the blacklist.

Yup, it's quite pathetic on the part of @Steemit to let this keep happening.

At least @spaminator should give a reply and mention the reason of downvote so that people can understand.

@spaminator - Steemit Spam Fighter turned into a Steemit abuser itself.

Yup. It's been 2 weeks and still no response from them. I have been building up and promoting steem for several years up until getting spam downvoted.

I would like it know why you down voted my post!
please explain this!
thank you!!

Why my original post is continuously downvoted by you

Are you have any shame to eat someone hard earned money

Ok keep downvoting I'm leaving Steemit

Now destroy my complete account Happy

Hi @whatsontrend

You were added for farming the @ automation and @ cleverbot rewards, these bots purpose are not for adding to every single comment you make just to get an upvote. I see you have stopped doing this now though, so I have removed you from the blacklist.

Thank you so much @spaminator

I don't know earlier that its a spam. Sorry for doing these.

I will never do these kinds of things again

Hey @spaminator why did you give downvote for my post ...

Where do you know if I have spam, show proof that the video I uploaded is spam ...

I am very disappointed with all this
I am tired ,of making videos and then you claim that my post is spam

Hi @siatteuk

I have removed you from our blacklist, I'm not sure why you were added since this is just a @cheetah issue. If you want to be removed from @cheetah you will have to go through the Cheetah Appeal process due to your account committing multiple counts of plagiarism in the past.


And more.

You can find the #cheetah-appeals channel here at the @steemcleaners Discord:

Yup. This happening to me too. These bots are ruining steem.


Why you are downvoting my steemmonsters posts??
my pics and content are mine all is inedit

Hi @better-life-tips

You were blacklisted for having 37 @steem faucet accounts farming the daily Drug Wars rewards and then sending the profits to your account.

I post using dlike . Dlike is link sharing site. So why down vote in my post. Plesae stop it.

Looks like this account did the same things on many posts.

Hello @spaminator!
I respect people who are making Steemit a better place for everyone.
You have great power, so that comes with great responsibility. Please don't hurt Steemians while fighting with abusers.

Thank you.

Hi @alauddinsee

It says you were added for spamming dlike, but I don't see any evidence of this. So I have removed you from the blacklist. Sorry for this error on our part!

I guess you downvotes my posts and comments everyday because I am dropping a YouTube video of me trying to promote @steem. Do not downvote my posts again @spaminator as I am no longer posting those videos, except you want me to leave the @steem community for you.

are yoy god??
why did you downvoting me

Hi @forealife

This was already dealt with in November 2018 in the @steemcleaners Discord. You appealed successfully and were told if you started the reward farming again you would be added back permanently. And then in December you had been found to had started again so you were added to the blacklist permanently.

Это не бог-Это сволочь.

Дурак, пойми контекст.

Я не понял??? Если он опускает, то ты это счетаеш нормально???

Why are you making me a negative vote Any reason why do I do my real posts? What should I do if you stop me from being negative?
Plz help me I request to you

Hi @hkstemit, it says you were added for multiple account plagiarism using the following accounts:


  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Why do you downvote me?? What‘s your problem with me???? Please fix this!

Hi there, You keep downvoting posts of @nowplaying-music.
Hope you can solve this ASAP thus removing the flags.
#nowplaying is one of the oldest projects here on Steemit and I love it . There are good vibes with people over there and you are slowly destroying it with your blind flags.
You are making me think that being here on Steemit is becoming useless not only because of the hard times keeping audience engaged but also cos blind bots acting as you do.
I delegated to that project cos I love the idea of sharing music with others. What’s wrong with that? ... this is really annoying!
I can see on your account activity you’r not doing so bad keeping spam under control but you need to CHECK your blacklist MANUALLY AND HUMANLY in order to not spread innocents blood.
If this don’t stop I’m definitely giving up on Steemit and going elsewhere where I can find humans helping each other have a great experience.
I’ll make a post related to this in order for my friends to know the reasons why I’m leaving.

Hey @spaminator why did you give downvote for my post ...
Where do you know if I have spam, show proof that my post I uploaded is spam ...

I was flagged for welcoming new users to Steemit.

Hi! Why was my post about the Brave browser downvoted? Is there a problem with sharing my experiences about alternative browsing?

Why have so much steem power and waste it on harassing small users with automated and barely functioning nonsense? Tackle actual problems, not small content creators wanting to share their experiences and earn a living enough to pay for rent or food.

Now flagging random videos of mine? Is there an agenda at play here? Why are you abusing your role and steem power for personal games?

Same here @cyberdemon531

Stole over a hundred dollars in SBD so far, thanks! Can't wait to take a few days off of eating next week :)

Still have the same issue? I also got flagged by this bot today and it wasn't even a shitpost

Posted using Partiko Android

Hi @niel96

You were added for comment spamming your referral links and links to your posts.


And many more.

I can remove you from the blacklist if you promise to not do this anymore.

Ok i won't do it again @spaminator can you remove me?

Also, are there any guidelines for how to use steem? It's kind of confusing because for example i see that moonsteem does this and all the other dapps. Even drugwars and partiko they post non stop automated comments on people posts with links to their site.

Why can they do it? What makes it no spam then?

I don't really want to argue about this but i'm trying to understand it.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks, I have removed you from the blacklist now!

Also, are there any guidelines for how to use steem?

You should check out the Steemit FAQ here:

Why can they do it? What makes it no spam then?

This is considered a bit of a grey area. These Dapps are generally doing it on their own users or are opted into it. Or they are doing it to new users the one time. There have been instances of them going out of bounds and we have responded to these instances and they have stopped. They also leave an upvote, which I guess can be considered as a payment to the user for commenting on them. A few of the Dapps have an opt out feature too, which is something we like to see.

go to steemcleaners discord and tell them about it. They have a bot with 2m SP that is unmoderated and can be used to flag random people if someone doesnt like you. Theyre a bunch of rich, pompous losers as far as im concerned, but its worth asking them to take you off just for the headache.

Rich people are disgusting.

They are out mind, they just want to destroy our accounts and our hard earned steem/sbd

What should we do now @cyberdemon531


Why my original post is continuously downvoted by you? What is the reason for this?

Hi @politt, it was for many counts of plagiarism, you were left responses for a number of them by the @steemcleaners.

Why do you think my personal photos are plagiarized?

I removed the bot from your account. Your original photo posts are fine but things like this will get you @cheetah. Please be sure to always add links to where information and pictures were originally found by you. There is no reason to not add sources.

can you give me an explanation why you are down voting me?


How do I reach the operator of this bot? You are systematically harassing my content which is not spam and all the images are unique. If you do not respond before downvoting more of my content and you continue downvoting my content systematically as you are doing now I will be speaking with Steemit Inc. about the removal of their delegation to you.

You are not acting appropriately and this can become a legal matter. The account agreed to upvote my posts with images about the HoboDAO and I did it. You are interfering with this business relationship which is a legal violation.

My friend, we are all into this shit. But I have chosen to create awareness of this issue. I made a post about this unwarranted downvotes from this person. Kindly resteem it. Lets put hands together to face this challenge. Here is the link:

никогда не спамить мой пост снова.

🎁 Dear @steem-venera,

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@aidefr is a francophone curation project whose funds are dedicated to helping the francophone community through curation.
Despite this, it would seem that self-upvote, even for the purpose of promoting quality and combating spam and therefore for noble purposes, is considered a real crime.

Without notice, @mack-bot has downvoted our account. After discussions, we decided to stop the self-vote on the new comments, even though this represents a loss of $5,000 per year in SP that could have been used to promote Francophone quality.

However, still without notice, you decided, @spaminator, to downvote a post from @aidefr to nearly 10% or 280,000 SP, enough to reduce the earnings to 0.

This money is used to help the community only, to support our members and curators.
You are ruining this process and the delegations of our dear delegates.

@aidefr is a public utility project, and it would have been more than preferable to be notified at least before such sanctions.

I hope you will be able to reply as soon as possible and announce the withdrawal of the @aidefr account from your blacklist as soon as possible.

my post is not spam!

Why are you voting me down? What is my crime?

Why you are downvoting my steemmonsters posts??
my pcontent are mine all is inedit????

Hi @trxjjbtc

You are not blacklisted by us, can you please refer to what you are talking about?

Consider your down voting. Your action has pros and cons. For future steemit ecosystem, be carefull....

What the hell is too annoying for the bot. I ask 1 the compensation for your actions for all the fish that you cancelled my upvote.
This is the quality article why you still canceled without any reason? You're too abusive.

Hi @thomhieu

You were blacklisted for spamming your referral link many times and then self voting the comment.


And many more

I can remove you from the blacklist if you promise not to do this again.

  ·  3 years ago Reveal Comment

Why did you just downvote my latest Actifit post? If you think this is spam, then every Actifit post should be spam too. Please explain.

Sure, I will stop doing that. Can I please also suggest that in the future, you leave a comment on each post and/or account that you downvote, so people can have a chance to explain the reasons for their actions and rectify their behavior? Thanks. Because I have read comments from a lot of people who have been confused and frustrated by your flags and I am afraid that it will drive sincere people away from Steem

Yes we will try to be more clear in future. As for the blacklist, you have now been removed. Thanks for the quick response!

fuck you!!! fuck you!!! fuck you!!!

Почему ты отмечаешь меня, я не сделал ничего плохого?

Please take me off of the hit list.

Hello. I want to know why you vote against me. Explain, please.

Hi @steem-venera, it says for the multiple account plagiarism with the following four accounts:


У меня я, жена, сын и невестка. И все хотят участвовать.
Все живем в одном доме...

I have a wife, son and daughter in law. And everyone wants to participate.
We all live in the same house ...

я снял ваш один акаунт. пишите только от себя, не списовати с интернета пожалуйство. и без спам. остальныи должны тоже нормально изпользувать, тогда могу их снять.

Thanks for the answer. I will not do this anymore. Have a nice day.

Thanks, you too.

good morning, could you tell me why not for you to put me flag to my post, thanks

Hi @apoloo1, it says for multiple account plagiarism and ID theft with the following accounts:


Please check the many responses @steemcleaners had left on these accounts.

There is nothing knight, and I explain it to you right now, apoloo1 is mine, the one of apoloo2 is the account of my brother that is military and I take it when he can not and he is also a draftsman, the one of barcenas is of a friend of mine who gives me the pra for me to take it, I can tell the user that I give it to me, and the jaquevital is an account that we have on average with another person who is jaquevital who is a great youtube artist and I agree to publish all your drawings in steem and if you go to your YouTube account you will see how it is in steem link in the description of your video, and saying this I hope we reach an understanding, thank you

Please come talk to us on Discord

Hello big man I am @eagle2 I do not know why I am voting down. I live in Saudi Arabia, so I do not know English, making pictures with mobile makes little writing Google Translator.I am what wrong ? Please stop down vote

Hi @spaminator, you have done a downvote to a lot of my posts !!!! can i know why you did this ?? Thank you for explaining me please.
Last post :
Thank you for telling me what I did wrong ! so that I can learn what I should not do.

I've decided to post health and well-being posts, from my personal efforts, to try to help people with information that may be useful to their health and success, but your downvotes unfortunately discourages me, I hope you stop doing this or you give me a reason why you give me downvotes.

Thank you so much

Regards @Redouanemez

Why give me - upvote

This is my original photo

Hi @malayislam

I have removed you from the blacklist after checking your account out, I don't see any abuse. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Flagging for nothing and the STEEM for free

Game on

You just flagged two original posts of mine. Can you explain to me how this posts are spam?

We just talked about it, you're good to go now.

A million thanks @guiltyparties
God bless!


I would like you to read this discussion.

I would also like to request you never downvote any of my content. If you do I would like to request contact information and reasoning behind the decision.

I feel like I have been a victim of abuse and have a right to defend myself online against cyber bullying.

If you feel that I do not have this right is there a way that me and or my attorneys may get in contact with you to discuss the matter?

You are early on my post warning about inappropriate tags!!! Which I have been trying to use appropriate tags: i'm a nature photographer, and my photos were taken by myself, but past few weeks now you have been down voting my old post (6days); I understand I was reported by a guy on here about posting same post which I have been trying of stopping that; now and there every post I made here was downvote by @macbot and in the six days you showed up to downvote me; have been uploaded recent photos taken by me; still downvote didn't stop, can you please advice what to do to avoid been downvote.


Почему Вы меня опускаете? Я понять не могу. Если вам не сложно,объясните,что я делаю не так.

Good morning @spaminator, this is to request information about why I put flags in my publications. What procedure am I doing wrong so that this does not happen again. regards

This was dealt with last month. Problem resolved.

My friend, we are all into this shit. But I have chosen to create awareness of this issue. I made a post about this unwarranted downvotes from this person. Kindly resteem it. Lets put hands together to face this challenge. Here is the link:

Congratulations @spaminator! You received a personal award!

Happy Birthday! - You are on the Steem blockchain for 2 years!

You can view your badges on your Steem Board and compare to others on the Steem Ranking

Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

Can you explain why my post got flagged recently? And then explain to me how doing a daily, automated post is not spam?

My friend, we are all into this shit. But I have chosen to create awareness of this issue. I made a post about this unwarranted downvotes from this person. Kindly resteem it. Lets put hands together to face this challenge. Here is the link:

If you've been wrongly blacklisted, you can go on the steem cleaners discord to make an appeal. Worked for me.

you downvoted my post... ..........Why this post is spam?

What the fuck spam? You're an idiot? I create video content! These are my videos! And I made them! Idiots, you just killing steemit. Greedy bastards!

Ублюдок, мразь, богом себя почувствовал? Даешь себе, жалкому червяку, право решать о качестве контента? Карма тебя догонит. Не думай об этом, все произойдет автоматически. Говнюк.

Burn in hell, bastard, karma will catch you up

Здравствуй. Почему ты проголосовал против? Что я сделал не так? Спасибо за ответ.
what is wrong with my posting .is this a spam? . please fix this. something wong with it

Please Stop Downvoting my posts and comments

Don't use a bot to decide downvote any post or comment

First check out what I'm posting, what is my purpose to post the same post and comment every day

I hope you will read this message @spaminator

Good day! I wish to request for removal of my account from downvoting. I am not aware that my posts are considered as spamming despite of acknowledging the source. But this time I am going to post with my own article. My apologies and thank you in advance for removing my account in your blacklist.

For what! 👦What is wrong?


@spaminator can you please explain why you downvoting my post every day.

Hi. Dear spaminator. You flagged me maybe this is an error
Check I will be grateful to you.
Good day to you !!

Here is a post.

I would kindly like to request that I get delisted: I made my point in this post:

I stopped making the mistakes I made before, so why are you still giving me downvotes? !! it's not honest, now I'm working properly shut down this system of automatic downvotes please.