A message to spam bot @jillstein2016

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I have enough accounts and Steem Power to downvote every single one of your posts many times over so they are never seen, and I plan to do so.

This applies to the rest of you spamming comments as well. If anyone notices any other bots, please post a comment in this thread, I will investigate and handle as needed.

Give up now, you will not win this battle. I promise.

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@nextgencrypto - thank you so much. And for the love of all that is potentially holy, please also help nix @bison015 .

Already on it. Another loser in the game of comment botting.

lol She just downvoted my comment.





This is why we need 'weighted voting' on steemit. Then everyone can work together to combat the bots! Humans unite!

Good reasoning.

They are afraid of you now @nextgencrypto :)

She's still hard at work, spamming left and right.

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Thank you @nextgencrypto! @jillstein2016 is a cancer.

Must say this is interesting battle

Will bot report. I think Fristykken is bot.. joke :)

@nextgencrypto! Stepping in where most cannot - thank you very much for the diligence and dedication...and, you know, what I'm assuming is simple, all-around badassery!

As of today, the account mentioned in the title of this post has a rep of -8, lol.

Thaaannnkk youuuu!!! this has been frustrating me so much

You don't know the power of the Dark Side! Wait. Perhaps you do.

Spammers don't have a clue what's coming to get them!


Finally someone does something about these pesky little spam bots! Thank you so much @nextgencrypto!!
If bots had feelings or emotions, they would pee their pants by the tone of this post :D

Good on you. I fear the battle is being lost right now. They are everywhere. The changes to voting that were meant to reduce bots (ie the voting time bands) actually make it easier for bots and harder for real people to earn money. The problem needs to be dealt with at the source.

Maybe creating #Steempolicestation tag in order to report plagiarism, bot or any other fraudulent activity will help us to clean this community. Sometimes I see some spam but i only have small Steem Power to fight that spam.
If we report those spam on #steempolicestation tag we can kill that spam together :v

Thanks and fully support!

So @jillstein2016 is a bot ? I thought he or she liked me :(

Thanks for helping to get this garbage out of here!

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i think i'm getting spam bots - basically people who have no blogs, no comments right? but they voted me - so is it a vote bot?

I see "Don't tread on me" manifest here. Seriously whale. Better to be on his side ...

the whales have spoken!

So they have... And rightly so !

Don't you go messing with @nextgencrypto !

Are you an admin of steemit? How did you get so much power? Anyway you are doing a great service. Hats off to you. @nextgencrypto

Thanks @nextgencrypto. You are so concerned about the success of others in this Steemit community. Thumbs up to you

I'm new.. how do you "down vote" -- I only see a flag -- Is that the down vote?

Thanks Man These Damn Bots Are Annoying.

but the people behind those bots are benefiting at the cost of others isnt it?

bots are the telemarketers of the internet.

Great quote.


It is getting a little old. Thanks for trying to combat it.

I am busting my gut laughing because I am trying to figure out if the bot was that offensive or the name of the bot infuriate you so much as well ;) Kuddos on that death bot note.

Good one !

Go get 'em tiger!

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any chances to deal with this shitposter? :D https://steemit.com/@labradorpuppies

Shit spam bots! :)

I dont see any bots anymore here! Thank you much!

Hey @nextgencrypto I hope you see this but please help with @isaac.asimov
they are all over my post and i'm not sure if its good because I keep seeing negative marks. Please help sir, thank you!

you possess global management theory?

Thank you Cape Crusader! Now if I can only find a savior to do the same with my snail mail junk!

I am getting very annoyed with the bots, because of a promise of money I can only assume. We gotta fight them together!

Nice @nextgencrypto ! Bots bum me out!
here's one : @isaac.asimov

Looks like he's already shut down. I don't get it? his reply bot sure isn't making any money ?

For someone who is supposed to be a bot she has posted comments on my posts and sure seems to be a human to me. Maybe you should look again. At lest on my post it seemed to be human an relavant including the reply to my comment.

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A much needed note for all spammers and guys who use their right to downvote indiscriminately without thought. Thank you for using your power for the betterment of the platform ! Followed.
Thank you for appreciation of my artwork, @nextgencrypto . :)

mind blowing bro......i am totally impressed for your beautiful hard work.......i think one day you will be the top of the steemit blogger......go ahead bro.....

Hope there is a good way to fix it.

Excellent action @nextgencrypto. We need to find a way to have thoughtful and useful curation, not just bots doing random voting and comments. Steemit community could maybe become a curator of curators in a sort of Ebay feedback system, where poor curators wouldn’t get paid. That could work by having any curator give positive points to a lower curator (or negative points), but would not be able to give or take away points from a higher curator.

Hi there
I like work you are doing downvoting Bots or spam comments
You did Downvote one of my posts too
I am sorry if you find it as a spam
It was about Eos Historical Data
I do understand that my posts need a better touch
I will work on my post every single time From October because then I will have my own house and all the time in the world to make better article
Sorry if I have offended anyone with my Post
I only want to grow in this community and keep using steemit.com for as long as it will last
I wish you a lovely time Steeming
And thanks again for your hard work

D'U mind a question? If I (with no bots,or something suspicious) will post a one only picture (which I have created), at 30 times/day, will it be a spam or promotional?!))

It sounds like spam to me so don't do it.

another comment spam found in randowhale here


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