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The first thing I realized upon seeing Buzzfeed's attack on the famous hacker John Draper, aka; "Captain Crunch" or "JDCrunchman", was that I like this guy. Not because I believed the lies, but because I know who is behind the attacks. I often find it possible to know a man by his enemies. Well the Crunchman is in good company. The best of the best are targeted by Buzzfeed lies, including President Trump.

Every time I see Buzzfeed attacking another of our freedom soldiers, I want to support that person. Buzzfeed, like Snopes, Antifa, the Old Turds (Young? Turds) is just one of many disinformation orgs propped up with George Soros' stolen blood money. Soros is an old white Jewish billionaire who helped the Nazis round up his own people for the death camps while confiscating their property. Soros says the holocaust was the "happiest time of my life". Go see for yourself -

If Soros and his minions are out to get you, it's because you're one of the good guys. When a person appears particularly dangerous to the establishment's plan for global enslavement, George Soros funded slags like Buzzfeed, CNN, NYT's and the like, attack with a pile of filthy lies. Google then fraudulently pushes these lies to the top of their search results.
This is exactly what happened with the infamously false "pee pee" dossier on Trump. Buzzfeed dutifully published this filthy pile of lies, then CNN and the rest of the lying MSM spread the lies further. So-called "fact-checker" piles of treasonous slime like "Snopes" (also funded by Soros) then reports that the lies are "true", because they say so. Google loves Snopes, and no matter what the lie or disinformation, Google will send it to the top of your search. How thoughtful of them, right?

Funny too, when you search Google for "Soros Nazi" Snopes comes up first, claiming it is "false" that Soros collaborated with the Nazis to round up and murder Jews. If they want more money from Soros, Snopes must protect his image. But hey, don't trust me or Snopes on this. Go find the full Soros interview from 60 minutes on Youtube. Soros will tell you himself. He is quite proud of himself and how he began to build his fortune from the stolen property of murdered Jews.

Stay Awake!

HEAR Soros brag about helping Nazis:

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