Social Media Tips for New Small Business Owners

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If you’re one of the over 627,000 new small businesses to enter the market this year, you know there is a lot to think about to get your company seen by prospective clients. While there are many different options to consider when it comes to marketing tactics, one media that most marketers agree on is having a presence on social media. But where to start? Here are some social media tips for new small business owners.

Choose your social platforms wisely

While the allure of some of the newer, trendy platforms might be alluring, savvy small business marketers know that not all social media platforms make sense for small businesses. Instead of trying to be everywhere, try to choose the platforms where your customers are. LinkedIn leans more towards business-to-business communications, while Facebook serves both. Instagram is more visual, while Twitter communicates in short snippets. If you’re appealing to the younger crowd, Facebook may not be the primary platform for you. Take the time to understand each platform, who resides on those platforms, and the strengths and weaknesses of each. The best way to understand where your audience resides is first to understand WHO your audience is. It’s a very good idea to start with a small business marketing strategy; even a more streamlined strategy will help you understand who you’re trying to reach and where they go to consume information. If you know who your competitors are (and if you don’t, a strategy will help with that too!) look to see what social media platforms they’re currently are and what kind of engagement they’re getting.

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