Curating Steem-Centric Content

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Greetings Steemians,

over the last few days, we've curated many posts and have been fine-tuning our senses about what we're looking for in the posts we're curating.

While we initially started curating all kinds of topics, we ultimately decided to focus our voting primarily on Steem-related topics, as this is something which, as far as we know, no other curation project is targeting. This doesn't mean, we're not curating other topics/tags!

The tags we're looking at heavily are #steem, #newsteem, #steemdev, #steemit

Our goal is to incentivize people to make contributions, that are valuable for Steem, thus enhancing our ecosystem and making it in return more valuable; whether this is on a social level (writing posts) or on a more technical level (creating/contributing to open-source Steem projects).

If you want to discover what we're curating, please head over to

Important: We are not curating content that has been promoted with promotion-services (bid-bot or otherwise).

We'll be back soon with more updates.

Team Smartsteem


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While I personally don't prefer Steem centric topics, that's merely a matter of taste

As long as the curation is an honest reflection of your appraisal of content, that's all that matters to me. I'm glad to see smartsteem embrace curation

While I personally don't prefer Steem centric topics, that's merely a matter of taste

The curation will be a reflection of content and contributions. If someone provides high value to Steem, this should be reflected in the rewards given out.

@smartsteem, Very good work, after I bought you withdrew the vote, I am indeed a small person here, but I have pride, thank you I know all of you, I am disappointed with your actions, because I am not a Plagiarist,

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Crazy they sell up votes and then down vote. Pick a position "Smartsteem" lol

It's great that you do manual curation but is anyone ever going to curate fiction? @blocktrades used to do manual curation a long time ago but stopped, and there are some brilliant writers on steemit that totally focus on fiction.

You just aired my mind there. I'm thinking coming back to write fiction solely. While I'm not after the rewards so much as exposure, I wonder if I'd be sufficiently motivated to continue dishing out content day after day with nothing in return.

Oh! How I cherish those days when I newly joined steemit. I struggled to make sure I posted everyday knowing fully well I was the chance to get curated. So much has changed since then.

Those were great times, so let's hope it goes back to how it actually started. More manual curation would do the trick. It might get us all excited again.

Brilliant job so far thanks for curating eccentric contents


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This is a brilliant initiative. Choosing to focus on Steem-centric content is a commendable decision as writers in that genre not only add value to Steem but promote it.

If other services also choose a nice genre, authors will be fine. Thanks for your upvotes in the past few days. I appreciate. Cheers to the team.

PS: Post resteemed.

While I applaud what you are doing, STEEM content is only important to US who are already here. Can you consider some other #tags to use besides this?

We need new blood and I can hardly go outside STEEM, tell everyone how great it is, 'but you must write about STEEM to attract @smartsteem'.

Curating steem-centric tags goes beyond simple content. This includes projects who are also the life-blood of Steem. We will see how this unfolds in the future, but for now, Steem needs more highly valuable content and less content that you'll find anywhere else, probably even better.

This does not mean, we're not curating other content if it's exceptionally good as well.

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This is obviously a great initiative @smartsteem. However, while focusing specifically on tags related to steem blockchain, please also consider curating contents from other genres.

We know, but there is no curation initiative yet that is focusing purely on Steem. Our decision will make more sense in the near future.

Yes, I understand. wishing all the best to your future endeavours.

I think the initiative is to spread more awareness among users to adapt to the changed ecosystem. Hopefully the thing gets changes as more quality works started to flow in

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Would you consider adding high value STEM content, research and investigative journalism into the mix. I'm talking about the 15-30 minute Medium article. Here is an example:

Also check out the blog of @alexander.alexis which is the best high quality educational content I have seen on STEEM. I want to see STEEM being known for this type of ultra high value articles. Focusing votes on STEEM related content will make the platform appear too niche.

We need the kind of content that would bring audience from websites like Medium. I would also love to see more long form content (like some of the articles @dan published while he was around) Best way to get more of them is to crate good incentives for them.

Edit: You are welcome to answer this poll and voice your thoughts:

You're presenting a very narrow view of what is published on Medium. The articles there range from 1 minute reading time to 45 minutes. Posts over 15 minutes are not common for the most part. They also have a wide range of topics.

If you want to bring audiences from Medium they need to be able to find content across the topic areas like they find over there.

I think currently being centric on certain topic is good initiative, as it is about #newsteem and any post spreading and sharing the knowledge to help users to adapt easily must be supported. ....later on I hope the curation must be open for all kind of content adding value on steem

There are lots of great contents on steemit that do not get curated, I hope you can help with that.

Awesome initiative, I guess it makes sense I received one of your valuable votes then! Resteemed for awareness to people!

Appreciate your effort #smartsteem

#gaming have a good content too :D good job smartsteem,love it

we ultimately decided to focus our voting primarily on Steem-related topics

The tags we're looking at heavily are #steem, #newsteem, #steemdev, #steemit

Holy crap! @smartsteem. You surely must have been 'curating' those Steem tags way way too heavy. So heavy so heavy, that even when I've posted during this last month no less of a dozen posts with those Steem-Centric Content tags that are focusing purely on Steem, not even by mistake have you stumbled upon any of them so far. Tsk Tsk };)

It is really very appreciate-able support with the great community.

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This is fantastic innovative to encourage users to share more steem related content.. This will help users to understand the new steem and recent changes

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Thanks for supporting me. I really appreciate

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I'm glad to see this altruistic honest approach to curation. My only concern with upvoting Steem related content (mostly) is this creates an echo chamber. A new person coming in will not see this as a balanced community. They will see this as a "only steem content is rewarded" environment.

I would prefer a balance of 40% Steem related and 60% other. Perhaps this is an approach that can be eventually phased in.

In anycase, I'm happy to see these changes in Steem overall.

Hello there @smartsteem ! I am sorry to bring this up here, but i recently delegated with success using bid bot tracker delegation tool 5000 SP to your Bid Bot service ! I did the same day do the same thing for therising and Booster respectively ! All seemed well with all three services being indicated in my list of delegations ! But after a couple of days i noticed that i was receiving curation rewrds from both the rising and Booster but nothing from Smartsteem ! So I went back to take a look to see what was wrong ?? Well sure enough all three Bid Bots were indicated in my Delegations ! So I decided to retry the operation and used the cancel delegation option there in the Delegation manager in Steem Bot Tracker, ofcourse using Steem Connect to vehicule safely my password ! Again with success and it gave me a reference number which i should have saved now in retrospect ! As now it seems that i am no longer delegated to your service but the 5000 SP is somehow not returned to me and is shown still delegated in my wallet ! Any ideas on what could be the problem ?? I am so sorry to bring this here on your post but i could think of another way of contacting you !! thanks !

It takes 5 days for you delegated Steempower to be returned to your account.

why my post downvote,,, if indeed I am not respected, I just go from steem, Fair Adherent here is my downvote..... Please resolve where is my fault.

Thank you for this!

You are doing a very good job for the interest of the #newsteem community @smartsteem :D

Thank you @cryptopie!

And yes, I also made a post to encourage everyone the value of accumulating and powering-up too @smartsteem :D

Are you still paying people for their delegations? I don't think I have been paid since September 5th.
Also, which features no longer function due to the hardfork (if any)?
Thanks in advance.

I appreciate the upvote! Didn't know smartsteem does curation now. Alright! 👏👏👏

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