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Hello Steemians!

Finally, another competition for the Steem Infinity Zone, and it's good to be a part of it. Many thanks to @siz-official for organizing this educational competition. Here's my information about this contest:

About EducationalTechnology

Teaching technolog is the concept and practice of developing, deploying, managing, and evaluating learning processes and resources.
As a result, educational technology encompasses all practical and reliable educational science, such as machinery, and processes and processes based on scientific research, and can refer to theoretical, algorithmic, or heuristic processes in a particular field; does not always mean physical technology. The process of integrating technology into education in a positive way that promotes a diverse learning environment and a way for students to learn to use technology in addition to their regular assignments is known as educational technology.


Education then vs Now

Education was based on books and lessons 10 to 20 years ago; now, it is based on Computers , laptops,mobiles and websites.

Students often spent many hours in the library reviewing project or research books. With the great benefits of having the internet in our hands, we can reduce book viewing hours to 30 seconds. Another important change in the school curriculum is the emphasis on teaching students' skills rather than content.

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The Future of Tech Education

Now the question arises as to what is the future of education? What will future classes look like? Cloud computing, the unpopularity of taxpayers (AR), and 3D printing paving the way for the future of education in ways we may never have seen. At the very least, we may be able to reveal more about what this promising technology offers and predict how schools will use it in the future.

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We will not know if a twist awaits these emerging stars, just as the original terms of the new technology often allow for innovative and unexpected use.


Augmented Reality

AR can empower teachers to present visual images of topics and integrate game features to provide textbook support, making classroom teaching more enjoyable and engaging. Students will be able to read and memorize information quickly because of this.

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The unpopular use of taxpayers we see in the classroom can turn a boring class into a fun one. In addition to textbook material, augmented reality technology provides visual examples and incorporates playful features. Classes are very involved as a result. Students can use the unpopular reality of taxpayers we see to help them remember what they have just read.

A Novel Approach to Education

Almost the entire world already supports other forms of online learning from developing classroom training to enrolling students in full-time programs throughout the covid. Double enrollment, debt repayment, and summer school programs are just a few of the options available to students, and can help them get into Advanced Placement classes, honors, or adjustments. Contextual topics and options can both be done online, many of which have online resources to go with. While some online schools or programs are independent, many others work with marketing companies or other provinces to provide online education.

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In some cases, readers may be able to see more information and conversations from historical fossils, allowing them to learn more about object history, such as how this AR advertising software can discover and engage with images in the real world.

  • Users can view 3D dinosaurs by scanning using a set of cardboard cards in an AR application called "Dinosaur 4D +." Students can watch dinosaurs at work and use app features to rotate, zoom in, and more. In addition, the app provides information about each dinosaur.
  • Google Expeditions is another popular AR / VR model in education, allowing users to see 3D objects in the classroom, such as volcanoes, hurricanes, and DNA. This app provides over 100 AR tours covering topics such as technical history, arrival month, and more.
  • Another promising example of Augmented Reality in education is the "Element 4D" AR app, which makes studying chemistry fun. By placing two paper cubes in a special element block, users can determine the atomic weight, the chemical elements, the reaction between the two chemicals, and their names. Is it unbelievable?


    Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing is a program of computer resources that can be shared anywhere, regardless of user location. It is possible to bring scholars and students together in one place, a cohesive platform through cloud computing. Schools, colleges, and universities are not required to purchase, own, and maintain their servers and data centers. Instead, they can use cloud computing to gain access to processing power, data, storage, and other resources as needed. They can also be sure that their data and resources are safe in the cloud.

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    In the near future, cloud computing will have more to offer in the field of higher education. It has many advantages, including: Adapted Teaching Methods: Cloud computing will allow old and new learning and teaching methods to be integrated. It will allow both standardized and new learning and teaching methods to be integrated. Traditional higher education will be mixed with online classes thanks to well-used cloud technology. Some universities have online courses before the epidemic. Many universities will use their online education opportunities in the future.


    Will the Future of IT Education Be Good or Bad?

    We cannot say for sure whether it will be good or bad, but we have high hopes for it. We can predict the future of education by examining rapid advances in education technology. The rapidly evolving technology in the field of education benefits both students and teachers. It has completely changed the concept of teaching and learning, and the way we use it now determines whether we use it right or wrong. As a result, how we use it is entirely up to us.


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