Gold Prospecting

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Hi Friends,

My wife and kids headed out of town to spend a couple of days at the grandparents before school started back up.... I had a free day on Sunday so it was time for some gold prospecting!

I went to the local mountains a short drive away and hiked for about an hour before settling on a spot to prospect. I wasted the first 1.5 hours expanding a big hole that someone else had dug - I figured there had to be gold around the hole if someone went to such trouble for a huge hole, but I found almost nothing there.

I tested a couple of other locations nearby and started getting more color in the pan. I spent the next four hours digging and panning - here is what I ended up with:


Here is a shot of the river:


Good times on the river and a little gold in my pocket!

Thanks for coming by,

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I hope you're considering, staking a Placer Mining Claim in that area...

Congratulations on your success. You have a great idea. always try. Thanks so much

It’s a big world for small people. Re-posting this. 🙏🏽🌷🎊🕯🕯