You know what's funny

in shower •  2 years ago 

I was originally planning on leaving some steem powered up to curate with it in the future, now I'd have to be a fucking moron to leave anything powered up here.

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It’s barely even worth milking. But I keep earning dribs and drabs curating. Might have to start another power down after the current four weeks are over to get the dregs.

True dat homie

Justin Scum and his ccp controllers have even deleted some of my posts is fun just to watch this dumpster fire!

I was going to keep a few thousand sitting here to lease out and see but now it's full powerdown and get the hell out. Only reason im even here now is to use up my last few weeks before zero.

Are you planning to leave the STEEMIT platform?

What other choice do I have, they just stole 20k+ SP from me.

This is bad news! Do you have any idea who might have been?

Are you really asking this question?

You will be banned here soon like me

Hello man! My Name is Erick Youssif i AM from Venezuela, I see You are leaving steemit, I write this to You before You leave completely......could You upvote My post everyday? The Steem for Me is very value and it could help me a lot

I don't know if You know how is the economy here in Venezuela but it is really hard make a living. I AM a teacher and here se earn 5$ by month so I must look other ways to make money.

So if You could give me a last push up I would be very blessed With your help!!

I would like to curate really good post, that have Quality content, I know how frustating is to dedicated a lot of time making a good post and not be rewarded,

There is a lot of people here in need like me, teachers, doctors...... And they are looking for some steem and are making a good effort...... So excuse me if this comment is out of contest but I hope You read it and can help me!