From Seed To Fruit Update 7 - Apples

in seedlings •  5 months ago 

It seems that Johnny might also be affected by the same thing that killed off Patty. I noticed that his new leaves were a bit stunted in their growth and displaying a brown and yellow tinge. He is at this moment still standing upright and although I'm doubting his recovery, I am hoping he will make one. Its just a waiting game now.

New day.

The tips are brown

Last seed standing

He still seems strong apart from the browning.


New day.

No change.

Does not seem to be growing

But Isn't shrinking either

New day.

Its been a couple of days.

No improvement.

But no further decline. Which I hope is a good sign.

Really hoping Johnny can pull through, I don't want to have to start the process all over again. Its been almost three months and Johnny is still tiny. Upon doing a little research (googled it) it can take an apple tree between 5 and 10 years to bear fruit, so three months is a considerable chunk of time in that cycle. Hang in there Johnny.

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Three months already? Time does fly. Sending good thoughts to Johnny.

The older we get the faster it goes. Seems to be doing a lot better this evening, even has some new growth.