From Seed To Fruit Update 11 - Apples

in seedlings •  5 months ago 

Another week has passed and little Johnny, has for the most part, had very few complications. His leaves are a little less green than I would like, but this is a minor inconvenience, that can be easily fixed with the adjustment of a little more nutrients added to his diet(plant food). Its a learning curve trying to figure out whats going on and how to fix it, but it does keep things interesting.

A little less green, but still lean and mean.

Looking down at you, looking up at me.

Standing tall.

Everyday brings new growth and new challenges.

Bigger, faster, stronger.

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Glad to see that Johnny is still in the game. Every day brings us all new challenges and the up side of that is it can lead to growth. Thanks for the update! :)

Yeah, He's still hanging in there, he's a defiant little guy. Its a fact of life that We learn more from our mistakes, than we do from our successes, but it grants us the opportunity to learn. Thanks for reading.