Jacque Fresco - Life Philosophy: The Pros and Cons of Conformity

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We have over 1000 audio and video recordings (1969-2017) from Jacque Fresco. He covers a vast array of topics and technologies explaining and contrasting the system we live in to the possibilities of a Resource Based Economy. We are in the process of transcribing these lectures, some of which were formally referred to as “Jacque Fresco’s Classic Lecture” (1969- 1979). More descriptive to the time period, they are now called the “Sociocyberneering Audio Collection”. The transcripts will serve many purposes - archiving, creating new content, educational works and other projects - to make them available to the public. Below is a first-time release audio lecture as a result of the transcribing efforts. There will be more to come!

This new lecture “Life Philosophy: The Pros and Cons of Conformity” is primarily concerned with the leaders and followers of a variety of philosophies (religious, spiritual, ethical) used for guiding one's life while neglecting a social philosophy and direction for society. It discusses the problems and benefits of conforming to such philosophies and comments upon the ideas of Buckminster Fuller, Norbert Wiener, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Helena Blavatsky, Kenneth Keyes Jr., and Mark Twain. This lecture analyzes notions of introspection, satisfaction, peace of mind, nature lovers, higher consciousness, approval, sharing, good behavior, insecurity, personal judgement, and more.

We provide this audio lecture in three formats:

If you would like to work with our Transcription Team, you can choose the topics that you are interested in. For more information, go here.

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Greetings, the venusprojet

I always thank you for putting the contributions that fresh Jacques made to the community of researchers.

On this issue of conformity, I think there are two sides to it. The first is when the person becomes resigned and creates many cognitive dissonances to make the discomfort in his brain diminish. It usually does this by not achieving any goal. The good side is that your discomfort for the lack of ability to achieve a goal is diminished, but this tends to leave the person "anesthetized", without growing in life, because whenever there is any difficulty, it will make that reduction.

Thank you very much for the post and good afternoon!

Always exciting when new TVP material comes out!! Thank you everyone for your continued efforts to make the world a better place!

I would love listening to this series.