Jacque Fresco - 'Conscious', Problem Solving, Conditioning Behavior, Define Criminal

in science •  4 years ago 

Discussion on the process of invention, development of the sensory areas of the brain, being 'conscious,' problem solving, how people can be conditioned to do anything, definition of a criminal, obsolescence of politics, putting people in jail, among other topics.

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The Venus Project
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Greetings, the venus project

I find this author very intelligent. I disagree with some of the views he has, but he speaks them with a lot of ethics and clarity.
When he talks about how people can be conditioned to do something, I imagine that it is based on the ideas of Burrus Frederick Skinner, the proposer of behavioral analysis, in which a person tends to maintain a behavior if he suffers, mainly, posivito reinforcement, how much, tends it will extinguish the behavior if it suffers punishment, or positive or negative !!!!!

Many thanks for the video !!!!

Great to see difficult ideas and concepts broken down into simple, physical references.

There were a lot of ideas that missed technology and people to support it. It's hard to invent something without people and learning from them..

Wise words by Jacques, as always. His voice echo with knowledge and passion about sharing love.

Hello @thevenusproject. Great - found this really valuable. Will definitely resteem it! Regards