Sleep part-8 The final Chapter

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Leaving my earlier posts link below here for those who really interested in good reading.

So guys below are the links in which you all can find the information about Sleep

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Question no.4. Snoring noise wake up other peoples but why not the man who snores?
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Question no.5:- Compare to human, other species of the earth(animals and birds )spent how much time for sleep?
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Question no.6. Why our eyes always closed while we are sleeping?
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Question no.7. What biological changes are there in the brain during sleep?
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Last question:-
Question no.8. What is the accurate reason for a dream? How brain function at that time?
Sleep Part 8. The Activity of Brain during Dream.

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The researchers have not yet been able to find the exact scientific reason behind the dream, But discovering the reason for the dream, They have discovered a lot more things about a dream, And received interesting information regarding dreams. The most important thing get to know is that, If the dream is not seen during some time of sleep, the human brain cannot be healthy. Precisely, That the dreams have some usefulness for sure, Because, if not, Then nature itself would have been abolished the functions that bring a dream to the brain in time during evolution.

Let's see in general explanation, That how the dreams are born in the brain, There are many other explanations, But in 1977, Robert McCarley and John Allan Hobson named American researchers have presented the theory that many experts gave recognition. According to the theory, every dream is created in the lower part of the brain called brain-stem. The two types of knowledge cells(Glands) who regulate the sleep is situated there, who use different types of neurotransmitter for communication, And they never use neurotransmitter together. The neurotransmitter is actually a chemical. Various knowledge cells send and receive them as a message. Each knowledge cell stays in touch with 10,000 or more enzymes of its own. As I said to describe theory in general explanation I am using word Knowledge cell instead of glands or information cell or enzymes or neurons.

One of the two types of neurons in the lower part of the brain releases neurotransmitter during sleep, called norepinephrine. When a person remains completely in sleep, But dreamless sleep. This neuron becomes active as soon as the other type of neuron switches off at an average of 90 minutes. And it's starting to release Acetylcholine named neurotransmitter. Now REM stage starts! As soon as the Acetylcholine reaches the upper part of the brain( where thoughts and visuals arise) and starts stimulating it, a part of the cortex begins to knit different dreams.
The indirect meaning of this action is that every dream has C7 H17 NO3 "OR" 7 part carbon, 17 part hydrogen, 1 part nitrogen. In short, Dream is a cocktail of Acetylcholine.

Robert McCarley and John Allan Hobson, Those American researchers, Create artificial chemical like acetylcholine And insert that chemical in cat's brain-stem, Cat went immediately in REM stage. Started dreaming with closed eyelids may be of rats ("kidding").

After knowing the probable explanation of how the dreams arise, the final question remains, that why does it arise? Why are dreams indispensable or inevitable? The final answer can not be given to this questions too. The theory is immense, for there are many explanations too.

The most recognized theory is that during the awakening period, Brain store lots n lots of stuff without categorized, And then at night while we are in sleep, Brain categorize everything, That's made easy to get memory recall(dream). The dream is nothing but the subtraction of waste data stored in the brain! Daily sanitation of that thing is not just necessary but it's inevitable.

Wait for more information about the dream. Scientists are still doing research.
While waiting, You can see a movie Inception

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