Fifa World Cup 2018 COUNTDOWN: 8 Days to Go | Group A | Group B | Who will qualify?

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In exactly 8 days, the 21st edition of the Fifa World Cup will start in Russia.

In my last posts I listed some interesting statistics about the teams taking part in the World Cup:

1. Fifa Rankings
2. Country Population
3. Market Value

In the upcomming series of posts, I will share my tips of the outcome of each group with you. I will then end the serie by projecting my expectations of the road to the finals in the tournement tree.

Group A

The group A consists of Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Uruguay.

Uruguay is likely to win this group. Runner up should be Russia. Both should be able to make through the group phase. Egypt could ruine the party for Russia. It is always too bad when the host gets kick out early in tournament. But I don't expect this to happen this time around.

I think Saudi Arabia stands no chance.

Here is my tip of the table and standings of the groupe A after all games are played

Saudi Arabia4

Uruguay to lead the table followed by Russia.

Group B

The group B consists of Morocco, Portugal, Iran and Spain.

For me Spain is the clear favorite to win this group. Morocco is not so bad. But they MUST win big points against Portugal AND Spain and of course beat Iran if they want to survive the group phase. I think that will be a hard task.

Here is my tip of the table and standings of the groupe B after all games are played.


Spain will lead the table followed by portugal. No chance for Iran.

Thanks for reading!

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In group A, I think that Egypt and Uruguay will qualify. Russia didn't show anything great during their friendly games. Egypt will probably depend on the fitness of Salah.
In group B, there should be no problem for Spain and Portugal to qualify, but it is also possible that Morocco will upset Portugal!

Time will tell :)

Uruguay definitely goes to the next round, but I think that Russia will go too, they are hosts and they invested a lot in this competition. We'll see...

It's not impossible for Egypt to pass the group phase ... In that case they must upset either Russia or/and Uruguay. This is were I am more reserved.

I watched the second half of Belgium - Egypt!
Withou Salah Egypt is just a mediocre team! Just like Russia, so both have a chance. Urugauy, without a doubt will win the group!