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In exactly 30 days, the 21st edition of the Fifa World Cup will start in Russia.
The Finals which is the 64th game played, will determine the winner.

Who do you think will win the title this time around? Will it be the best team?
Which team is the best? Which team is the worst? Independently to our beloved country or favorite team, the official reference to answer these questions is Fifa’s world ranking.

Each country is ranked according to Fifa’s point systems.
This post is about how points are calculated for a given team.

A country is credited a certain amount of points each time it plays a game.
Depending on the type of game (friendly, qualification, test, or tournament), the strength of the adversary, the confederation from which it comes from, and of course whether you lose, win or draw the attributed points is calculated according to the following Formula:

P = M x I x T x C x 100

P: Points. gained for a played game.

M: Match The factor for rating the result of the match played.
Winner: 3
Winner after Penalties: 2
Draw: 1
Loser after Penalties: 1
Loser: 0

I: Importance. The factor for rating the importance of the match played.
Friendly: 1.0
Qualifier: 2.5
Tournament game: 2.5
World Cup Final: 4
Finals of other tournaments: 3

T: Team. How good is the team against which you play. In other words: the strength of the team against which you play

T = 200 – ( current ranking of adversary) / 100

For very weak teams i.e. for team with a ranking lower than 150 you use the factor 0.5
Logically, the higher the ranking of the team against which you play the higher the factor is.

C: Confederation.
The average built from the Confederation strength of both teams.
Currently theses factors are as follows:


To calculate the total ranking, the last 4 years are taken into consideration.
However each year has a different weight.

Year 0 (Current Year)100%
Year 1: (Last Year)50%
Year 2: (Past 2 Years)50%
Year 3: (Past 3 Years)50%

Is the Fifa ranking important?
What’s the use of all this calculation, these factors, weighing, and so on?

One of the most important use of the Fifa ranking is for seeding the finals and qualification of the world cup. I mean who already wants to play against Germany, Brazil, Spain or Argentina in the Group phase? Nobody! Most teams wish to avoid them in the early phase and play against them as late as possible in tournament.

Of course I haven't calculate the rankings myself. The source is Fifa
Now here you go! Here is the Fifa ranking of the all countries qualified for the Fifa World Cup 2018:

So according to the Fifa ranking Germany is currently the best Team in World followed by Brazil. Do you agree?
Which of the 10 lowest ranked teams will go the furthest during this tournament?
How far will that underdog go?
Which of top 10 teams will not make through the group phase?

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Thx for advertising our community @sergino!
We are all doing our best and each of us adds something special to it

I could live with a third place for Belgium. For us it is now or probably never!
I also expect a lot from Mexico!
And from the bottom countries I would go for Morocco!

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Hey I'm happy to advertise!
Belgium has golden generation right now so I am also expecting them to do very well. Morocco is a good underdog to tip on. Especially because they already have some World Cup experience. Good luck to Belgium. I hope you get to cheer a lot! And drink a lot of beer ;-)

That last part wont be a problem 🍺

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