Finding more opportunities to earn higher yields of RBS tokens in RobiniaSwap

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I had in my previous articles talked about how I began earning RBS tokens for staking BSteem into RobiniaSwap’s platform. RobiniaSwap launched on 1st October, it’s the day where the public began earning RBS tokens for the cryptos they deposited into various crypto pools at RobiniaSwap at an emission rate of 5 tokens per Block.

Now, the total value of cryptos locked in RobiniaSwap is $11,081,622.80.


Today, the emission rate is 3 tokens per Block as the emission rate of RBS decreases every day after launch, details on this I have explained in my previous article where I have detailed how I deposited my liquid Steem into RobiniaSwap .

Today morning, I noticed I earned 8 RBS tokens for the BSteem I deposited into the BSteem pool in RobiniaSwap. Then I understood that I can harvest these 8 RBS tokens that I have earned into the RBS pool, which I did.

Harvested all the RBS I earned from staking my BSteem into RBS pool.

All I needed to do for this was to click the harvest button on the BSteem pool for this.


There are no fees to deposit RBS tokens on the RBS pool like it was there for the BSteem pool which had a 4% fee.

The APY% yields for the RBS pool is 1,845.26%, while for the BSteem pool it is 657.84%. However, whatever RBS yield one has earned in the BSteem pool can be harvested into the RBS pool and consequently earn more yields on the RBS deposited.

Screenshot 2021-10-04 at 6.56.02 PM.png

Nice is it not?. I have earned RBS tokens worth 1.2$ free , by depositing my liquid Steem into RobiniaSwap.

Thank you for reading…

Disclaimer - These are my novice impressions of Robinia Swap, everyone should do their own research before putting their money on any DEFI product. My article is not investment advice.


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Another solid read @mintymile

Now, the total value of cryptos locked in RobiniaSwap is $11,081,622.80.

I'm mostly curious ... how does RobiniaSwap (or Pancakeswap) use all that liquidity to make profit. Is it just "sitting" there? My impression was, that DeFi should be allowing people to deposit/stake their tokens and also borrow (while paying some interests). And that liqudity is needed for all those borrowers.

But I dont see any way of borrowing funds while using any of those 2 platforms.

The APY% yields for the RBS pool is 1,845.26%, while for the BSteem pool it is 657.84%

At the moment it seem to be more profitable to stake RBS than to stake bSteem. It's kind of strange, since there seem to be more people staking RBS than bSteem.

Yours, Piotr


RobiniaSwap and PancakeSwap are AMM Dex...for swapping cryptos and I think this liquidity providing stuff is done to have liquidity to maintain volumes for swap trades.

Borrowing and lending is done in other dexs like AAVE in polygon or venus in Binance smart chain. AAVE workd well because I tried it, I am not able to figure things out in Venus though.

I have heard that its best to obtain these kind of coins through staking than buying them...because why buy it when you can get it free and all...

That's all thank you for providing me a learning experience as well, I am not very well versed in all this, though kind of familiar, I am still DEFI newbie so don't know much.

One thing is that for dexs like this pancake swap and uniswap there is a risk for providing liquidity, that risk is called impermanent loss. Anyway... explaining that will take another article!!

Seriously you will never stop to amaze me with your responses @mintymile

Thanks for your time and effort :) I truly appreciate it