RobiniaSwap v1 service termination notice

in robinia •  3 months ago 

RobiniaSwap V1 service will end on May 20th.
Therefore, in order to proceed with the scheduled RBS Buy-Burn, an additional Buy-Burn system will be activated from May 20th.

The reason that the RBS Buy-Burn system is moving forward a few days is because there is a possibility that the RBS Buy-Burn system may not proceed smoothly when the Robinia V2 service is terminated.
(Users are starting to remove RBS-BNB liquidity.)

The cost for RBS Token Buy-Burn is as follows:

  1. STEEM in @robinia account
  2. TRX in @robinia account
  3. 20% of @robiniaswap account STEEM
  4. 20% of @robiniaswap account SP
  5. 20% of @robiniaswap account TRX
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