Last Buy-Back Update Notice - 2022.05.18

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Blokfield.INC has continued to buy-burn in order to reliably terminate RobiniaSwap V1 service.
In order to provide RBS holders with as much profit as possible, we are buy-burn RBS tokens during the Robinia V2 service period, and this is the final stage.



STEEM and TRX gathered for Buy-Burn for RBS until today are as follows.

STEEM: 10529
TRX: 15491
BNB: 3.249 Link

Both STEEM and TRX were exchanged for BNB.
TRX to BNB : 3.67
STEEM to BNB : 9.88


Total BNB : 16.8

Blokfield.INC plans to buy-burn RBS tokens as soon as possible.

[Last RBS Token Buy-Back History]

2022.05.18 1.85 BNB of Blokfield account was used as RBS Buy-Back.
2022.05.12 1.85 BNB Transaction Info: Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Link 5 Link 6 Link 7

Remaining BNB : 14.95 BNB

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