The fastest growing STEEM Defi project now has 1.3 million SP delegated

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Robinia added 1 million SP yesterday alone...

The fastest growing defi project on STEEM now has 1.3 million SP and climbing...

Check it out:



Robinia currently offers the best APY of any project on STEEM.

By delegating to Robinia you receive an upvote worth at least 10x your delegation amount, plus you earn the RBS defi token.

Combined the two have an APY much higher than what you can earn at UPVU, TIPU, and Peanut/Nutbox.

More info on it can be seen below...


As of today, Robinia is currently paying well over 100% total APY, far and away the best of any STEEM Defi Project
Are you looking for a high yielding defi investment on STEEM?

Look no further than Robinia!

By delegating to robinia, you will receive an upvote on your post each day as well as earn their defi token RBS.

The current upvote value is roughly 10x-15x your upvote value, which for comparison, UPVU is considered the next best in terms up upvote value and they are around 8x-10x your upvote value currently.

Then on top of that, as mentioned above, you also earn their defi token RBS which is currently offering over 90% APY by itself:



When you factor in the upvote combined with the RBS earnings and you are looking at an ROI somewhere in the ballpark of 150% on your steem power delegation currently.

That is roughly 2x-3x what you are going to get anywhere else...

Which includes places like UPVU, TIPU, Peanut/Nutbox etc.

Keep in mind that as more people jump in, those yields will come down quite a bit, but it is early right now and you can enjoy outsized returns for some time to come.

I delegated 150k steem power a few weeks back and have been enjoying awesome returns ever since.

All the STEEM, SP, SBD, and TRX earned from delegations is being used to buy back and burn RBS. Which means... as more people delegate to Robinia, the more buying pressure there will be on RBS.

In order to delegate, go to and hit delegate on the left side of the page:


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Thank You for sharing Your insights...

AND Your story + graphs.

비트코인은 상승할 수 있습니다

Are you bullish on steem?

Yes, I think if we have a parabolic move in bitcoin, STEEM will also do very well. Plus these defi projects popping up help to give STEEM more use cases and help lock up supply.

Thank You for sharing Your insights...

Do you think bitcoin can rally hard from here ?

You are one of the agressive trader of steem i found accross the steem blockchain. What is your plan for steem?

I think bitcoin can go up significantly yes, my guess is that bitcoin hits at least $100k by March of 2022. If bitcoin goes on a big run I think STEEM will run at some point as well.

Thank You for sharing...

buy rbs on pancakeswap ? why not on robiniaswap sir ?

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

When you try to buy on robinia it automatically takes you to pancakeswap. You can use several different tokens to buy RBS on pancake. Though, you don't even need to buy RBS, you can delegate SP to Robinia and earn/mine RBS.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

ok sir, thanks for info
im new in steemit :D

So do I just delegate steem straight up or is there a different procedure?

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

No, go to the page and click the delegate button on the left side of the page:


I will definitely check this out, thanks for letting us know!

How can I grow like that too.I am new here.

The more steem you buy, the more you can earn.

Thank You for sharing...

Good info