As more Steem Power gets delegated, more RBS gets burned and the price goes up...

in robinia •  9 months ago 

As more and more STEEM Power gets delegated to Robinia, their defi token will get burned in greater and greater numbers

The delegate and burn model has been tried and true with a couple defi projects in the past, and it works.

The idea is that as more and more STEEM Power gets delegated, the more curation that project earns with which to buy and burn their defi token.

We are seeing the very early stages of that right now with Robinia:



Currently there is more than 1.3 million SP ($821k) delegated and as that number goes up more and more RBS will be burned...

The current market cap is $200k for RBS, which is very small.

When you factor in increasing curation from STEEM delegations, updated delegation farms, and don't forget IFOs (which we will talk about in another post) and you have a recipe for a massively increasing token price over the coming months!

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