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Non Auction Bots with min/max ROI limits cannot seriously be called bidbots. After testing about all of them, some of them are almost pure "Buy Now" Bots, and some of them have voting % down in the 80s - Bad Math!

Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 18.36.12.png

We too can turn on settings to sell upvotes for SteemUnits at what they are worth, maybe that is a much better revenue model for our delegators - people get exactly what they pay for, and there is no auction-factor left.

Were is the fun in that? - It is more fun to hear the scream of a customer who just trippled his investment in his own post using Booster.

How to use Booster BidBot?

  • Go to to see current and past round valued in STEEM (STEEM is very important)
  • Bid, say 40 STEEM by sending that to @Booster with Link/URL to your Post in the MEMO and wait for next round to start.
  • If you bid high from the beginning, you scare away others, and chances for you to get a 68 STEEM upvote is pretty high.

Someone contacted us with a success story using affiliate programs in his trending blog, using BIDBOTS + BuyNow Bots had really helped him make it possible. I hope he gets a lot of competition as people wake up and realize what wonderful opportunities that here lay.

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I think it that it would be a good idea to separate them yes! That way users can select the type of bot they are most comfortable with using

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Dear Sir,

I sent 3 steem to booster and receive $0.14 worth upvote. I just lost my 3 steem.

Please return my 3 steem, this is a big loss for me


One dollar is a big loss for you? That's pretty sad lol.

don't look at it as 1 dollar.

look at it as 2,86$ lost from 3$ investment. That's almost 96% lost.

some of them have voting % down in the 80s - Bad Math!

Why? Less voting % -> less VP used on every vote.
With 100% you can make 10 upvotes with 100% power/day.
With 1% you can make 1000 upvotes with 100% power/day. The same outcome (total amount of $ voted).

Or in other words: with 100% voting power, each 100% vote drains 2% VP.
With 50% voting power, each 100% vote drains 1% VP (and so on).

I have been using booster bid bot back for some time and i can you people really have a pretty good roi in return compare to others

Hmm, Yes, last round had a vote-value of 68 STEEM - but we only sold for 34 STEEM. Too Good of a ROI, maybe?

@booster Team, Definitely Success Stories bring out and highlight the meaningful aspects of whatever happening in this Project Economy. More success to you team and hope that more Steemians will share their success stories too.

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On it shows that you offer 100% upvote if I send you 10 steem (sounds too good to be true but had to try)

Using the orange button shown above I tried to pay my 10 steem but got an error message saying this bot doesn't accept steem payments so I did a manual transfer from my wallet with my post link in the memo field and from this I only received a 13% upvote on my post.

As I said before, this offer sounded too good to be true and I knew it was a risk to try, but something needs to be done about this as it is false advertising. Ultimately, it would be ideal if you could rectify this by giving me the 100% upvote as advertised, but if you are not prepared to honour this you should at least update your details with so that no one else falls prey this.

All it says is he would upvote it to where people could see it (trending) when his voting power is 100% (aka. mana), he did not say he would give a 100% weight upvote with mana of 100%, just that his mana would be at 100% power when he voted and would make sure the vote got the post to trending.

Vote power is not the same as vote weight.

I looked at this again a little while ago with some help and saw where I had misunderstood, but thank you for the reply, I always appreciate another voice to help clarify things (spend too long staring at the computer and you never know what will confuse you next! lol).

Thanks again :)