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What issue?

This has received an upvote from the @minnow-aid subscription service

  ·  5 years ago (edited)

i do not seeing #randowhale replies in future any comments, suggestions. may, he has not time for these matters.

Helllo @randowhale,

I sent you a bid of 2.00 SBD about 18 hours past but still not received any UPVOTE or REFund from your side. Plz check your record and solve the issue. thanks,.

  ·  5 years ago Reveal Comment

i think this is one of the most profitable bot...

i use it when i have sbds...i spend 20+ sbds in two days on randowhale....
thanks for giving us the great service...

Thankyou, you are awesum!

I think that (and I don't know if this would have been possible but) maybe @randowhale should be asleep while its been working on it, but again I don't know how feasible is this.

I know there is a lot of people who are waiting for their upvotes, I hope and I am almost sure that everybody will receive them soon so let's keep calm and Steem on!

Upvoted for visibility so that people won't get so nervous...

Mine came though, thanks @randowhale ! :)

I just undelegated because I noticed I have not been payed for my delegation in a very long time, not sure how come or why I was never informed as a delegator why or when payout to delegators would stop.

I wish there was a way to send in the upvotes at any time and they just add up to the next voting time so they never get sent back and people do not have to be online when @randowhale is awake. I can never seem to get in during the voting time every time I check its asleep but then I get the delegation payout so I know the voting is happening. I deleted the add on extension because it never seems to work or alert me. Please help to let me know how I can have a better chance at figuring out the voting times can you maybe post a time schedule like between or around these times each day the account is awake?

I assumed there was an issue, Im sure you all will get it figured out.


How long will your Upvote take after we send the SBD and link as a memo?


Waiting patiently


can you help me i need your hep

i think so #randowhale not all is well. And i hope #randowhale get well soon.

I be patient. You be doctor.

got doctored - thanks!

Oke... Thanks you @randowhale

@randowhale YOU MUST READ AND DO SOMETHING - this Chrome browser extension is not workig from one month ago. do the needful for steemians to help!!!

I hope I get the chance while you work

you not upvote my account, iam already transfer for you,

Already 5 hours ago I sent 1,000 SBD, but no upvote until now.

Well, I just sent 5 SBD, that's a deal :))

@randowhale no reaction has been received for my last post

phew, it's not just me!

I miss the old Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas randowhale.

Thanks For Updates.....🙏

Ok, not problem @randowhale take your time :)

Whenever you're ready. Thank you!

i be patient

i send

I'm ready to wait @randowhale

Excusme you not upvote my account, iam already transfer for you, thanks.

I am too waiting for my vote.

Waiting patiently 3 hours now

Waiting patiently :)

Thanks for the update !

Hello @randowhale why my post has not you upvote, when I have sent 1SBD to your account. what is wrong with my transaction.


Thanks for the info :-)
If something goes wrong consider my SBD transfer as donation ;-)
Big hug
Steemitri The Mannequin

ok, waiting too

ok sir we are waiting

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Already 9 hours ago I sent 2 SBD, but no upvote until now.

I didnt received an upvote. Please return my 1SBD.

I still waiting...

Thank for your vote :)

I didnt whine for 24hours and it worked :)

Be focus, sir

do not be too long be patient

Thank you for being responsive like this !

Nice post @randowhale

Hello I need a response from you I accidentally sent 4 SBD instead of 1 SBD will I be refunded? If yes, when?

A day before yesterday I sent 2 times 1sbd for upvotes and didn't get upvotes and no money back

  ·  5 years ago (edited)

I think that you still has a bug.
I am the second one who send sbd to you,when you are awake.
But you send me back the money after 14min.
Your memo write that you are sleeping

Is it a bug that you do not upvote the post which just be post?
I mean that the created time of post is less than 30min

I like post

hi doc. i'm ur patient.. checkup me please..

Hi @randowhale
Sent 10 SBD, no upvote, no refund. Can you help?

Refunded, thank you. Much love <3 (no homo).

how are you friends, posting good friends, stop by friends in our account and upvote, if you do not want nothing

Nice post
Upvote mei

be patient all his patience must have his wisdom.
he said very wise but full of his motivation, for people know its meaning.

Waiting patiently

Thx for the bonus. :)

More random 25% votes! It's the reason I keep coming back for more! Gamble!

Sudah sebulan saya bergabung di steemit tapi steem power saya masih lemah mohon di bantu...

Waiting for my vote. I will be patient

3 hours ago, I've made a transfer 1 SBD:
but have not got upvote from you yet until now. Please check it up @randowhale !


Vote back yes.

Hey! You rock! Take your time. I appreciate your service.

How does your upvoting bot work?

Hii dear randowhale...

I sent you 1 sbd...
But didn't getting upvote in my post...
Please dear Upvote in my post

Hello @randowhale
I am transfer for you 1SBD, but didn't get your upvote.
Check it, please.

thanks, I got 1 sbd back!

  ·  5 years ago (edited)

Transfer 1.000 SBD to randowhale

@randowhale did not vote,
I am waiting

is says your awake and your taking bids from a lot of people but no one is receiving upvotes? Im one that sent some SBD and never got my up vote either if you cold if that please

Thank you for the information

Please you come back 1 sbd bilqis07

Hi @randowhale. I have sent 0.500 SBD with memo dawn earlier, but until now not got upvote from you.

@randowhale Hello. I sent 1 SBD an nine hour ago, but did not receive a upvote or a refund.

Hi my friends @randowhale ..
I have sent SBD for this post :

But you note Upvote it.

Help me please. Chek it and upvote it up to you..

Warm regard to you @randowhale .

I am your best friend : @rijalaronaceh

  ·  5 years ago Reveal Comment

I sent 1 SBD and did not get a vote.


hello! 23.03 I sent you a bit 1SBD fot this post
Transfer 1.000 SBD to randowhale
but didn't get any upvote. Check it please!

  ·  5 years ago Reveal Comment

@randowhale this issue start 6 hours ago.

you're too late to tell this problem

What issue? Sorry I’m new here, voted on this by the way

Hello @randowhale, twice today(May 9, 2018) I tried to send you a bid, and it came back to me. But on your page it says you are 'awake'. I don't understand...

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I didn't receive an upvote and I sent 1 SBD today. I thought Randowhale was awake. Please return the money. Thanks (:

I didn't receive an upvote and I sent 1 SBD today. I thought Randowhale was awake. Please return the money. Thanks (:bold


I'm be loyalty to wait @randowhale..

Great post...
Thank for sharing...