My Experience with Swing Trade Pros | Finally a trading system I am comfortable with!

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New year, new opportunities

At the beginning of the year, I decided to diversify my portfolio and not focus too much on Steem alone. Maybe start trading again, I did some trading a few years back and I did really enjoy it. I was an emotional trader though and most of the time let my emotions get in the way. So how can we get rid of that? Automation! Even with bots and automation, there is no holy grail that you can just leave and let it create profits for you.

So since it was a few years since I sat down and looked at how the market and traders have changed I decided to give it another go to see what is out there. I did quite a bit of research and eventually decided on 3Commas to be my trading platform. I am able to link my Binance or Bitmex account to it so that was already a huge plus. They also offer a range of tools to let you create your own bots or even follow signals of other users. I decided to stick around and see what some of the other users are doing.

So many options!

og_image (1).jpg

3Commas offers a large market place with signals you can follow. There are individuals and groups that offer their signals. Some for free, some at a price. I scanned quite a few of them and joined their respective Discord or Telegram groups. After some time I decided to stick to one specific service, Swing Trade Pros

Too good to be true? As far as I know, there is no free lunch or holy grail.

At first, I was skeptical, I have been burned many times before so obviously I am extremely cautious about what I join and who to invest my time in. I decided to join Swing Trade Pros simply because their Discord was filled with testimonials and trade results coming from real people that have joined their program and follow their signals. Seeing real results and being able to talk to those who made those trades is a huge plus and enough to convince me that they were indeed the real deal.

Below are a few snaps I took from their Discord to give you an idea of what I mean.




Here are the main reasons why I decided to join:

  • When I joined their Discord I was not approached by a rep who is trying to sell me something
  • The trades and systems were extremely transparent.
  • Their Discord was full of real people just like me and you who joined and they were all trying to help out and share their results and knowledge.
  • The real kicker that helped me to pick them was the fact that there were way more positive (and I mean way more!) results than there were negative ones. (With trading, nothing will ever be only positive.)
  • The last straw for me that made my decision final was the fact that the guys who run it actually has time for DM's and will gladly explain something or answer questions.

These are but a few reasons why I chose them.

So with that, I was off on my journey to learn how to trade all over again!


My experience so far:

Swing Trade Pros offer a few packages but I would say the Scalper and the Indicator package are their main products.
I opted for the former one since I am just starting out slow, learning and it was the cheaper option. (I will go over the Indicator package in a later post as well once I tested it some more.)

Keep in mind this is no get rich quick scheme and as with all trading there is risk involved and you should never invest more than you are willing to lose.

So off I went with the Scalper Signal Package.

This was pretty simple to set up and I was able to start trading within a few minutes of creating accounts and setting up some bots. They offer a very detailed FAQ that guides you step by step in their Discord. Even when you get stuck they are always around and respond super fast to queries and questions.

After a few ups and downs of learning the ropes, I am now pretty confident that I am managing my risk well and trading small enough to protect my balances even if the market moves against me a considerable amount.

I started around the 4th of February with a pretty small balance. I knew that this would only be a test and thus I did not deposit a lot into my trading accounts. While the bots were running and I was still going over all the scenarios I slowly increased my balances with some more deposits. Now I am at a very comfortable level of risk/reward and I will slowly keep adding to my balances.

Scalping for those who don't know is trading on the smaller time frames, smaller moves and small Take Profit percentages. Sometimes the deal is over within a minute, sometimes an hour. They are not all the same and as we know the market can be pretty unpredictable at times, even when using bots.

The cool and most likely the best feature that the Scalper bot offers is the ability to DCA. This is also known as a safety order. So if the market moves against you too much then a Safety order will increase your trading volume while also moving your TP closer to your desired targets. This is a great safety net and it works really well. There are cases where the market moves against you too much and there are also safety measures to take when that happens. Those will have to be done manually. Even then, it is not very common and I have only done it twice since I started trading. Both times were because I was still learning and made some silly mistakes or misread a step somewhere.

Stop yapping and show us the money!

So since the 4th of February, I deposited the majority of my reserves I am comfortable with. Exactly 0.12337699 BTC.

My current balance, as of now when I am writing this post is: 0.13190892 BTC

That is a total of 6.91% increase over the last 14 days. Honestly better than I expected!

A quick summary of the bot's performance:



Swing Trade Pros claim that you can easily earn up to 1% a day, and there are many members who actually achieve this. Those who trade with higher risk and with better market experience are making even more than 1% a day.

I started small and with small trades, extra cautious, even then I am over the moon with my results and will continue learning how to improve my trading I am still going to play is as safe as possible.

So how can you get started?

# If you are interested in joining their program I suggest checking out their WEBSITE and their DISCORD to see what they are all about.

You will also need a 3Commas account and two Bitmex accounts. With at least $500 between them. I would personally recommend at least $1000 to be on the safe side and make enough to cover the subscription costs of 3Commas and STP. You can, however, achieve this with the $500 balance but you will need to have some previous trade knowledge and trade a little more aggressively.

With all this said, I want to make it clear I am not affiliated with them and I am only showing my results in the event that someone would like to try out their strategies. Trade only what you can afford, any kind of trading will always be risky and you should accept that the market can and will be unpredictable at times. I would not recommend anything if I do not use or believe in it myself.

If you are interested, by all means, go check them out. I think they are the real deal.

I did use my affiliate links in this post but feel free not to use them if you feel so inclined.

Safe trading!

I will be posting more about their systems and my results so stay tuned if you want to see how this plays out.

Is trading too risky for you? Why not put your money to good use by earning passively by simply holding your assets in investing platforms like NEXO where you can earn up to 8% interest!



This is only based on speculation and is in no way a guaranteed way of earning extra income. Trading is risky and you should only invest what you are willing to lose. I am only showing results of my trading experience and this should in no way be seen as trading advice.

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Thank you for reading! Steem on Steemians!


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That's Awesome!

I think the best part of this is, like you said, automated and force you to actually realize profits,

If you have have been trading Steem the past 14 days you could have easily made 30%, but if you would have never bought when it looked good or sold when you were in the profit, you'd pretty much be at 0% profit from 14 days ago with the run up and back down.

Yeah, the automation does indeed help a lot. Makes the pressure of when to enter and exit disappear. =P

Yeah if we knew steem would pump like that I would have been all over it. Sadly I was hoping it would stay high.

This system so far is keeping me on my toes and the profits are pretty good, in the beginning I didn't make much since I was trading really small and just testing out. Now I am making a few dollars a day. Pretty stoked.

Thank you for your support. Here's a !shop as token of appreciation.

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Wow this looks really cool! I have not looked at trading in a while, but the fact that everyting is automated might just get me trying again

Hey man! It has been ages! Nice to see you around!

Yeah, I must say this helps a lot with stress levels as well. The only downside so far is that you will need a rather large account for it all to run smoothly I am up 9.3% already since there were some nice market moves.

Pretty cool system and I have yet to see a major flaw in it.

Steem & especially has changed a bit since I last checked in
Damn dude... 9.3% is really good! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on profits in future updates

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