The Life Must Go On............

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There are so many quotes and useful articles written on this simple word " Life Must Go On ".

But in simple explanation this words says : "What ever the difficulty you face in past just forget and move forward to your actual goal"

I learned this beautiful thing from my lovely wife. More important is that she is not taught me by saying a single word but by his dedication toward all of her duties.



Hope you all like it.

Thank you for watching my post and your give your precious time.


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life is to live with own wishes and choice... nice and beautiful look

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Thank You Dear...
And in life must go on ..

it must go on in whatever situation

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you are right dear....

Wow, it's right we should forget past mistakes and focus on future. Good post

Thank You Dear For your views regarding the post ....

That's true friend..
Good lines.

Thank You My Friend...

Very nice post friend @durendra

Thank You Dear....